Find Flexible Hidden Shelf Lights Using LED

Flexible hidden shelf lights using LED technology are made with modern illumination principles in mind. For a long time, home and business owners only had access to a limited set of fixtures for their displays, and they were frustratingly rigid once they were placed. If the fixtures can’t be moved around once they have been installed, then it’s just one display all the time. Bring in new pieces or products, and there’s no telling how it will look. Adjustability, therefore, is a major advantage when comparing fixtures, and there are precious few systems that can offer it.

Why should business owners consider flexible hidden shelf lights that use LED lamps?

Diode technology is, by far, the most sophisticated form of illumination on the market. They don’t use metal filaments or excited gas to produce radiance, instead they are crafted with a semiconductor die that is highly precise in how it transfers energy. This enables near perfect efficiency, which means a longer lifespan for the fixture and zero radiant heat. Anyone who has burned themselves while handling fixtures knows how painful that can be, but because diode fixtures demonstrate maximum efficiency, they aren’t a burn risk. This means less liability for a business. It also means lower energy costs.

Inefficient fixtures tend to burn out faster as well, because the uncontrolled heat will wear down the fixture’s parts over time. Diodes aren’t burdened by excessive heat, so they provide more consistent, longer lasting performance. It is standard to get 50,000 hours out of a single diode fixture, and it’s possible to even get a bit more.

While diode fixtures are a smart option on their own, they are often tied into rigid illumination systems that offer little versatility to business owners. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are different. While they can be set up into a traditional wired format, they are also available in an adjustable design which makes them highly versatile.

Normally, it’s difficult to adjust fixtures once they are installed, as they utilize open wiring to move current. Phantom’s adjustable diode fixtures, though, make clever use of buss bars and contact pads made with conductive materials. The buss bars also function as supports for shelving units and run along the outside of display cabinetry. Moving the fixtures into a new position is a cinch, and is just like adjusting any bookcase or cabinet. Best of all, it takes no technical expertise to accomplish and can be handled in a matter of minutes. So if a business owner wants to put together a fresh look for a new set of products, all it takes is a screwdriver, a few minutes, and it’s done.

Flexible hidden shelf lights that use LED technology are a powerful advantage for a shop, making it possible to beautifully show off any product with nothing but a modest time and effort investment.