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There is no one best art lighting fixture, as every situation and subject is different. And what people consider the best may differ depending on the homeowner’s priorities. Is it value? Is it aesthetics? Is it power? Is it features? In some settings, a simple eyeball lamp or recessed down can provide the look a homeowner wants. However, if they are looking for the most sophisticated fixture and most refined display, then they likely want an optical framing projector. Most experts consider projectors to be the gold standard for displaying creative subjects, for several reasons.

Why are optical framing projectors considered the best art lighting fixture in most situations?

Best Art Lighting Fixture From Phantom ExpertsOptical framing projectors are the choice when looks are the priority. It isn’t the cheapest technology on the market, and they do take some planning to execute correctly, but they offer unmatched power and capability. It starts with their form factor. Optical framing projectors are usually installed in the ceiling, though they can also be attached to the ceiling. If installed inside the ceiling, they are extremely well concealed, with nothing but a shallow cover plate remaining visible. If they will be painted over and textured, they are tough to see even if people are looking for them. Now concealment isn’t a major consideration for everyone, but it can reduce overhead clutter and give the display a professional appearance.

Power is also an essential element of optical framing projectors. Without it, a projector could hardly be called the best art lighting fixture available. Phantom’s projector utilizes a 75 watt MR16 halogen lamp operating on 12V. This lamp outputs about 1,000 lumens of illumination, and this is condensed and focused using Phantom’s unique lensing apparatus. Halogen is the superior choice for paintings and sculptures, and once focused, the result will be intense and sharp. Phantom also sets its projectors up with dimmer controls that allow for control over the output level, so lamp life can be preserved when not in use, and brought up in intensity when requiring more attention for the artwork.

However, what truly makes an optical framing projector the best art lighting fixture is its customizability. Phantom offers several projector models, each of them designed for certain situations and settings. With several projector models to choose from, it’s possible to get sharp display illumination in any building. And with Phantom’s special lensing apparatus, the projector can be installed nearly anywhere in the space, including at the other end of a long hallway. To get the best look, the projector should be customized to the painting or sculpture, and with a masking attachment, that is entirely possible. A set of adjustable shutters can contour the illumination to the edges of a painting, while a custom template can be shaped to a one-of-a-kind sculpture. A mask is what takes the display to the next level, as it fits the illumination perfectly to the subject and produces a unique appearance.

Though there is no one best art lighting fixture, a projector will wow anyone who sees it in action.

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