Fine Art Lighting

No portrait or painting can stand on its own, as even masterpieces require fine art lighting to be displayed with museum quality. Fine artwork lighting is designed for this purpose, with a wide range of fixture styles, lamping options, and material builds.

Among the most effective art lighting options are Phantom’s sophisticated LED framing projectors. Phantom’s LED art lights offer maximum efficiency and are much safer to use with artwork than other lighting options. This includes natural sunlight, incandescent and fluorescent options.

Fine Art Lighting On A Sculpture and Painting By Phantom

The Natural Sunlight Myth

Most new collectors may wonder why special fine art museum lighting equipment is even needed when sunlight could be used instead. The reason for this is invisible – as in the invisible part of the light spectrum. Infrared rays and ultraviolet light tend to degrade materials over time, causing tremendous damage to oils, pastels, prints, watercolors and photographs. Textiles also tend to fade away under the sun’s potent illumination.

Incandescent Fixtures Are Safe But Have Poor Color Rendering

Incandescent lights are safe to use with fine works of art, but they offer mixed results when it comes to color rendering. Incandescent lighting is ideal for bringing out warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and brown. It is not, however, appropriate for cooler colors such as blue, green, and violet. These appear flat and just a little off under incandescent. If you are new to fine art collecting, and if you are looking to purchase fine art lights for the first time, we recommend you think twice about incandescent.

Fluorescents Also Render Colors Poorly

While fluorescents have been a preferred replacement for incandescent lights in both residential and commercial circles, due to their energy-saving capabilities, they do not make good lights for picture frames. They project only a limited portion of the visible spectrum and normally produce very poor color rendering. They also produce ultraviolet rays just as harmful as those found in sunlight.

Fine Art Deserves LED technology

The best type of illumination for fine art lighting is a high-performance LED fixture. LED technology is a step forward in every way in the art lighting field, as it provides a tough to beat combination of efficiency, reliability, safety and precision.

LED’s compatibility with delicate artwork is one of its standout features. LED fixtures do not produce UV and infrared radiation to the same degree as other lights, so LED lighting will help keep your precious artwork around for longer, without discoloration or deterioration.

Phantom Contour Art Lighting Fixtures

Projectors feature superior optics and photometric capabilities that are well-suited to fine art lighting. These projectors feature high-performance LED lamps and produce Phantom’s “lit from within” effect, which is a product of zero spill illumination. Phantom’s recessed picture lights are also easy to install and extremely versatile, because of their small, compact size and small ceiling aperture.

Phantom’s projectors can be built into one of several housings, including its SM, or surface mount series. This adjustable projector has a sleek, unobtrusive design, perfect for accenting brush stroke details and other subtle touches. Phantom’s art projector lights will pamper, not damage, your artwork.

Reinventing Your Picasso

Provided you use the proper techniques and the best equipment, your fine art collection will be displayed to its greatest potential. Bring your Picasso back to life or enhance your Van Gogh painting with Phantom’s LED art lighting for the best results.

Phantom technology is the ghost of the lighting machine for both commercial and residential clients who prefer to see the light, not the fixture when showcasing their fine art and prized collectibles, products, and rare books. In addition to art lighting, Phantom is also a manufacturer of custom cabinet lighting and lighting for bookshelves, lighting for antique reproduction cabinets and custom furniture lighting.

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