Is A Focused Art Light Right For Your Collection?

A focused art light is the most effective way to illuminate a painting or sculpture, but it isn’t as simple as just placing any fixture in the ceiling and switching it on. Achieving the desired look is about assessing the space and subject and using this information to come up with the best placement and adjustments to maximize the fixture’s effectiveness. With professional assistance, it’s a process that can be expedited quite a bit, and Phantom can also provide a projector that fits best into the home. This, along with their superior versatility, makes Phantom Lighting’s optical framing projectors the gold standard for displaying paintings and sculptures.

Why should a homeowner consider a focused art light for their collection?

A painting or sculpture can cost a homeowner several thousand dollars, but it means nothing without the right fixtures. Even the most visually striking piece will have trouble making an impact in the dark. However, bombarding the subject with a ton of illumination isn’t wise either. In general, it is best to install display fixtures that are around three times as intense as the room’s ambient illumination. In many cases, it makes more sense to bring down the level of ambient illumination rather than increase the power of the display fixture. If the display fixture is too intense, it can wipe out the subtle features in the subject, such as color transitions and fine technique.

It’s difficult to secure this perfect medium without a focused art light, and even when it is possible, standard fixtures have a tendency to produce excess glare, shadows and spill illumination. Standard fixtures are also fairly limited in their placement options, so it may be more difficult to integrate them into a space.

What kind of focused art light does Phantom offer?

Should You Choose A Focused Art Light?

Phantom produces several optical framing projectors for art displays, each of them made for certain installation settings. Most of them are concealable, and with a coat of paint and a little texture, will blend in almost completely with the ceiling. Phantom offers models that are accessed from the top, accessed from the bottom, or placed directly onto the surface instead of inside.

All of Phantom’s optical framing projectors are made with a proprietary lensing apparatus that allows for multiple beam settings. During installation, Phantom can help a homeowner determine where the projector would work best, and calibrate the lensing apparatus accordingly. This is an extra layer of functionality that only Phantom’s projectors offer, and it means that the projector will emit a sharp beam of illumination no matter how near or far away the projector is from the subject.

With a masking attachment and dimmer controls, the beam can be shaped even more and set at just the right level. Adjustable shutters and a custom template are both popular options for beam shaping, and the effect with either is the same, which is to say unique. The result is a “lit from within” appearance that will ensure your painting or sculpture is itself the focus of any space.

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