Frequent Questions About Colored Cove Light

What kinds of colored cove light does Phantom offer?

Using A Colored Cove Light

Until recently, it was difficult to find LED lamps that could produce more than a limited range of hues. For years, extending this range was a focus for engineers, and their efforts have finally produced a breakthrough in LED illumination.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series, already among the most versatile fixtures available, can now be customized with a number of monochromatic tones. These tones include red, blue, green, amber and pink, allowing for endless applications. Both series are still available in an extended range of color temperatures as well, from 2300K to 4000K.

What makes Phantom’s colored cove light products the best options on the market?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures use the most efficient LED technology available, and both are designed in an extremely compact, easily concealed package. The Elite series produces 130 lumens of illumination per linear foot (at 3.5 watts) and the Ultra series creates 200 lumens of output per linear foot (at 4.7 watts). The watt to output ratio on both products is among the best in the business. This is especially important in commercial applications, where long fixture runs will need to be highly efficient to remain affordable. In most cases, a cheaper product will end up costing the owner in the long run, as it will drain more power than necessary.

Because they are so efficient, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures produce close to zero radiant heat, so they can be safely placed anywhere. They will also have a negligible effect on the room’s temperature controls, something that incandescent fixtures tend to burden when installed in large numbers.

Phantom also makes every effort to ensure its Elite and Ultra fixtures will fit into any installation. Not only can they be cut to fit at 4 to 6 inch intervals, Phantom uses a custom set of measurements to fabricate the fixtures. These measurements are given to us by the professional installer, so on the day of the installation, there should be no unforeseen complications in placing the fixtures.

What are some common colored cove light applications?

Monochromatic fixtures give home and business owners a wide range of options in presenting their interiors. A splash of vibrant red or blue is ideal for a restaurant setting, especially when the fixtures are installed around decorative items, under a bar or around shelving. These deeper hues are also ideal for evoking an intimate setting that would be found in a club or music hall.

In residential settings, monochromatic lamps can help artwork or other items of interest stand out. They are ideal for placement behind mirrors, pictures and in rooms reserved for socializing or gaming.

Can Phantom’s products be used in other settings?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures are designed for several applications and can be tailored to fit in cabinetry, around shelving, and in settings where a high volume of illumination is needed. In short, there is really no application that Phantom’s fixtures can’t handle, no matter how big or small the job is.

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