Furniture Lighting

Furniture lighting is an art form. It requires sensitivity to the uniqueness of an individual piece of free standing furniture and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to customize display lighting fixtures to the dimensions and aesthetic of the furniture itself. Altering the furniture to fit the lighting defeats the entire purpose of luxury display lighting, and falls far short of the luminance requirements needed to bring out the rich textures and colors in many hardwood pieces.

Furniture lighting fixtures must be custom-manufactured to fit the shelves, vertical styles, or interior doors of a free standing piece. Great cabinet lighting must also be concealed as much as possible in order to produce the illusion of sourceless light. This added sense of mystique contributes to a sense of timelessness and elegance apropos to antique and reproduction furniture and brings added emphasis to the special contents typically displayed therein.

Phantom linear strip lights are ideal for this form of fine furniture lighting. Because we manufacture only custom pieces, it is possible for us to custom cut a linear strip light to the precise interior dimensions of an armoire, free standing bookshelf, breakfront, corner cabinet, bibliothèque, or vitrine. This has to be done on a case by case basis, which is why we never advertise ourselves as a “furniture light” company in the stereotypical sense of the term. We are more like the luminaire equivalent of a furniture builder—creating space out of something that does not consume space, (light) and bringing the full value of the furniture’s aesthetic to the forefront of the viewer’s attention.

Phantom agents assess the dimensions of a free standing antique or reproduction piece and determine if a horizontally mounted or vertically mounted fixture is needed. They determine the necessary length of the furniture lighting strip, and then place an order with the low voltage light manufacturing team. When the lighting strips arrive, they are hard-wired to a vertical or horizontal surface within the cabinet or case. The surfaces to which these strip lights are mounted vary widely depending on the type of furniture we are lighting. In free standing bookshelves, for example, we typically mount our strip lights to the bottom front of the shelf in order to cast the light slightly backward and onto hardbacks on display.

Today's cabinet lighting fits even uniquely-shaped pieces perfectly.In cabinets, we also position horizontal strip lights under the top header to illuminate contents on top shelves. Corner cabinets can be lit with vertical strips that are concealed along the interior vertical styles of the display. However, many antique cabinets and antique reproductions lack vertical styles, and feature only a set of glass-paned doors that open outward. When lighting these cases, we will either mount vertical strip lights to the rear interior of the door, or we mount them along the rear wall along the interior corner. While the strip lights may be momentarily visible to someone standing right in front of the cabinet when they open the door, the chic, low profile design of Phantom’s furniture lighting strip provides an presentable aesthetic compliment to interior contents and a return to apparently “sourceless” lighting once the doors are closed.

Antique and reproduction furniture is intended to function as a focal point in the room, and as such must be carefully preserved with a minimum of alteration to its original condition. Because our lighting strips are smaller than other cabinet lighting fixtures and because of their patented wireless functionally, only a minimum of drilling into the wood is required to mount them. Your Phantom Agent will custom design your light strips to leave your armoire, book case, antique display, or curio cabinet virtually unchanged, while simultaneously transforming its dark interior into a whole new world of depth, color and light.

In a world of lighting manufacturers who market similar products with cliché claims to fame, Phantom Lighting stands apart as a source of proprietary technology whose adaptability makes it possible to meet each client’s lighting needs on an individual basis. This marriage of aesthetics and science has made Phantom Lighting a leader in lighting creation that enlightens the mind as much as it enlightens the room. We have lighting agents in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America who will answer any questions, provide literature and schematics, and arrange for local product demonstrations. Our team of experienced technicians is always willing to share their knowledge of fine art and display lighting.

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