Art Lighting Gallery – Our Best 2022

You are one of our many visitors who has come here to see firsthand how we can illuminate your fine art with precision and control. This Art Lighting Gallery has only a sampling of projects that have been enhanced by our lighting products over the years, but it is hard to pick just a few because there’s so many incredible stories out there about people finding creative solutions when they look at their work in new ways thanks to what we offer them.

If you’re still looking for an ultimate in art lighting design solution for your home or business then please don’t hesitate contact us-we would be delighted! We know sophisticated custom art lighting products like ours will satisfy all your expectations as well.

Let us add your home to our image gallery or Instagram feed by contacting the art lighting specialists at Phantom Lighting toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using one of our online forms.

Want to see more images of art lighting or other accent lighting techniques using our LED optical framing projector? Please visit our our Instagram page or Houzz page for plenty of lighting design inspiration!


Art Lighting Gallery