Getting Assistance From A Home Lighting Manufacturer

Individuals can create a more refined atmosphere in their residence with the assistance of quality home lighting manufacturers. These professionals offer products that will illuminate your abode and bring out the best that your space has to offer. Phantom is a home lighting manufacturer that offers exceptional fixtures for illuminating art, breakfronts, china cabinets, and coves. Home lighting manufacturers, like Phantom, allow you to focus attention on your prized possessions through proper illumination.

As a home lighting manufacturer, Phantom specializes in fine art, cove, and cabinet illumination. Their star products are the Phantom Contour Projector and Strip Lights. Unlike similar fixtures made by other recessed lighting manufacturers, Phantoms products are delicately crafted to create optimal results. Both the contour projector and the strip lights are patented for their unique designs. Each option provides the dramatic illumination that your treasured items deserve.

The Phantom Contour Projector offers fine art illumination equal to that used in museums. In fact, contour projectors have been used in numerous museums. The fixture uses a multi-lens design that accentuates positive light, while eliminating glare. This home lighting manufacturer employs a 75-watt MR16/FO bulb, which was originally created for use in fiber optics. Through a complicated process, the concentrated light beam is forced through a 13mm aperture removing stray light and redirecting it onto your artwork. The Phantom Contour Projector comes with a special filter that protects your piece from harmful UV radiation, which can cause unsightly fading, along with other damage.

This projector provides a focused source of illumination over the artwork to provide a “lighted from within” look. The special focal lens allows you to direct the illumination within a 360° radius. When combined with the Q-Tran magnetic transformer, provided by this home lighting manufacturer, you can reduce sound and experience a 96% energy efficiency rating. In addition, the transformer has an automatic shut-off to prevent the product from overloading.

Phantom Strip Lights are the perfect way to highlight your collectibles within china cabinets and breakfronts. Unlike other home lighting manufacturers’ products, strip lights are created to hide all of the wires for a seamless appearance. More importantly, shelves can be adjusted easily without the need for tools or the hassle of fighting loose wires. The strip lights, offered by this home lighting manufacturer, are handcrafted for each requirement. They are the perfect solution for antiques, since they will not harm the piece.

The strip lights are available with a special glare shield that will allow you to illuminate the cabinet, while hiding the light source at up to a 90° angle. Other products for cabinets and breakfronts, which are offered by low voltage lighting manufacturers, are limited to certain materials, such as wood. Phantom Strip Lights may be used in conjunction with wood or glass.

As a home lighting manufacturer, Phantom offers strip lights in three convenient varieties. They are horizontal, vertical, and cove. The cove strip lights allow you to illuminate a room through a soft even glow. This dramatic affect can be easily achieved through this custom made product. Unlike rope lights, this product allows you to hide the light source in an energy efficient way, with a hassle free installation.

Phantom is a home lighting manufacturer dedicated to providing the best illumination possible for your treasured items. Through a specialized line of products, Phantom is able to offer a remarkable answer for fine art illumination dilemmas. Their customer service representatives are very knowledgeable and happy to assist you with your illumination questions. So make the most out of your treasured collectibles today, by installing the contour projector and strip lights in your residence.