Getting Private Library Shelf Lighting With Phantom

Library shelf lighting can differ somewhat from collectible display and cabinet lighting. Private libraries, more often than not, are built with bookshelves that are much taller than free standing cabinets. Many times these bookcases are built into walls, or take up an entire wall in a room. Such masterpieces of woodworking convey an aesthetic in their own right, and feature staining techniques, and finishing methods that can make them the premier attraction in a room. Lighting library shelves in such as setting requires very sophisticated low voltage cabinet lighting fixtures that will highlight the aesthetics of the bookshelf, properly showcase the book collection itself, and allow for shelf adjustability on an as need basis.

Among the many applications that have earned Phantom linear strips a world-class reputation, library shelf lighting represents one of the most viable and appropriate niche marketplaces that our technology can be applied. Regardless of the size of the library bookcase or the particular style of shelves used in its construction, Phantom low voltage lighting systems can be customized to create an adjustable, dimmable, and concealed lighting source whose superior luminary qualities will emphasize the best attributes of fine wood and effectively illuminate book collections with a safe, evenly distributed light source that properly showcases their value as collector’s editions.

Most library shelf lights sold by our luxury lighting company are ordered by the architect, builder, or interior designers at the time the bookcases are built. They have been specifically engineered to operate as a wireless lighting source that remains hidden from view once the bookcase is complete. Buss bars are pre-fabricated to match the exterior vertical dimensions of the sides of the bookcase, and library shelf lights are manufactured to fit behind the reveal of each horizontal shelf in the case. A set of custom shelf supports comes with each linear strip, along with brass contact pads and screws that are highly conductive in nature. These shelf supports screw directly into the buss bars and provide a wireless conductive pathway for low-voltage electricity to run directly to the shelf lights. The end result is fully dimmable light source that emanates backward and downward from each shelf onto the spines of books below.

Phantom library shelf strip lights can be built with either xenon or LED festoon lamps. Xenon still holds a slight edge when it comes to top-quality color temperature, but the new 2700K LED festoon lamps generates a light that is so close to xenon you really cannot tell the difference unless you stand next to two different bookcases and compare xenon to LED directly. If your client is showcasing very old or rare books and intends to leave the lights on for long periods of time, LED is the best route to go. As a heatless light source that generates no UV radiation, it can remain in operation for hours and do absolutely no harm to wood finishing or book spines. There are three different color temperatures can be ordered in a variety of color temperatures that compliment a wide range of wood types and finishes. Our patented festoon lamp design enables us to replicate the quality of xenon lighting with LED festoon lamp technology that is much safer than incandescent technology when it comes to lighting old and rare books. As a light source that outputs no heat and no ultraviolet radiation, an LED lamp can be left on indefinitely with minimal power consumption and no risk of damaging book collections.

Phantom LED strip lighting can also be used for illumination existing library bookcases, provided the shelves have been built with some sort of reveal at the front, or provided there is a way to create the equivalent of a reveal that will allow us to install a concealed light fixture somewhere toward the forward lip of the shelf. Retrofit applications, though highly customized, are still much easier to accomplish with Phantom shelf lights than they are with generic linear strips. This is because Phantom manufactures every lighting strip custom to the job in the first place, and because we have anticipated practically every cabinet light installation challenge imaginable and developed either a horizontal or vertical mounting technique in response.

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