Hidden Lighting Gives Artwork & Living Space An Inner Glow

Hidden lighting is the key to creating superior aesthetic and greater variety in higher end decorative lighting applications. In fine art lighting, it is paramount to use a hidden light source that will to focus the viewer’s attention onto the piece and not onto itself. Anything that distracts the eye will diminish the presentation. In display lighting, hidden fixtures are equally important due to the wide variety of displays and furnishings used to house eclectic contents. Without a compact and concealed light source, space becomes limited, and visibility obscured by the fixtures and lighting controls.

Phantom Contour Projector

The Contour Projector offers the collector a truly hidden light in every since of the term. The beam that emanates from the lens cannot be seen from any angle of the room, regardless of the position of the viewer. This is a major advancement in the evolution of art lighting projectors in general. In the past, more primitive equivalents produced a “spotlight” effect, with a beam of light clearly visible to the viewer and excessive spill light that often overpowered the canvas or sculpture. A hidden light beam offers both an aesthetic advantage and a technical advantage over this approach. Obviously, art work looks better when there is no distracting image to turn the eye away from it. More importantly, each work of art can be optimally showcased if the light beam is focused and shaped to fit its unique proportions, texture, color and style.

Phantom art projector lights are able to create this effect by emanating white light from a halogen source and passing it through a series of adjustable filters. The filters are set to proportionally compliment the dimensions of a painting or sculpture. When the hidden light from the Contour Projector strikes the art, it suddenly transforms into an ambient glow which is called “the lighted from within” effect.

Phantom Linear Strips

While many linear strips can be satisfactorily concealed from the viewer’s line of sight, the equipment used to power them is often not so easy to hide. Most hidden low voltage strip lights utilize a transformer to convert AC to DC current, and this transformer is often too bulky to keep out of sight. Wiring is another problem with some hidden lighting strips. Even if the strip itself is not visible, the wires can slip out of wherever they are tucked away and ruin a showcase or display. Truly elegant display lighting and showcase lighting require a hidden source of illumination that not only conceals the strip, but also the electrical components used to power the strip.

Phantom linear strip lights were originally conceived for the design contractor who found larger and more cumbersome pieces to be a frustrating distraction from the fine art of interior decorating. Phantom linear lighting strips are intended to work as hidden lights in any display cabinet, bookshelf, breakaway, showcase, cabinet, wine rack, or cove. The key to this multidimensionality lies in the basic design of the Phantom linear strip itself. It eliminates visible wiring by conducting electricity along metal shelf standards. It is also powered by a transformer that is much smaller and therefore easier to conceal than those of other strip lights. Perhaps equally important, each shelf lighting strip is custom manufactured to the precise dimensions of the case, display, rack, or furnishing for which it is intended. This allows for a much more seamless and integrated installation of the fixture into its surrounding and hides the light source so effectively that cabinet and display interiors appear to glow with a luminance of their own.

See the Light, Not the Fixture!

This has been our motto from the very inception of our organization, and it summarizes in one sentence the entire purpose of our fine art and display lighting fixtures. With customization and concealment available throughout network of Agents, both professional designers and individual end users can showcase their collections of artwork, collectibles, fine wine, collector’s firearms, rare books, and even merchandise with our custom hidden lighting products.

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