High End Art Lighting Fixtures Includes Optical Projectors

Often what separates a boring painting display and one that really sings are high end art lighting fixtures. Collectors and enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on a single piece, some of them one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Dooming such a valuable piece to a poorly illuminated room is a fate that precious works don’t deserve. However, without the right illumination sources, it will be difficult to properly show off a painting or sculpture, as plain old ambient illumination is not enough to bring out the subject’s subtle flourishes.

What high end art lighting fixtures are considered the gold standard for displays?

High End Art Lighting Fixtures

There are many ways to frame a subject with illumination, but if a homeowner wants the best possible look, they should consider an optical framing projector. Framing projectors are recessed into the ceiling, but produce a more streamlined look than a typical recessed fixture. This is saying something too, because recessed fixtures are usually built flush into the ceiling. Phantom’s optical framing projectors are finished with a cover plate that can be customized to mimic the color of the ceiling and are capable of producing a beam of illumination with only a small aperture. This shields the projector’s lamp from view from most angles and keeps it from producing a harsh glare.

All of Phantom’s projectors are produced with sturdy aluminum and contain four lenses. Two of them are 60mm condensing lenses, while the other two focus the halogen beam. Phantom also produces special lenses that are better for pieces that are set further away from the projector. The aluminum used for the projector housing is designed for heavy duty applications, so it resists dust, liquid and anything else that would otherwise damage the projector.

There are a couple primary reasons why optical framing projectors are considered the most advanced high end art lighting fixtures on the market. For one, they are far enough away from the subject that they do not damage the piece with throw heat. And with Phantom’s UV filter, homeowners won’t have to worry about ultraviolet radiation either. Optical framing projectors are also prized for their elite customizability. Phantom can tie its projectors to dimmer controls, allowing for precise control over the level of illumination. Phantom can also produce one of several template options to shape the illumination. There are three metal shutter designs, which produce sharp lines and are best suited for paintings. There is a metal confinement slide which is needed when working with a sculpture or other irregularly shaped object. A metal slide mimics the curves of the piece, minimizing spill around the subject. Phantom also has hundreds of metal gobos available, and these function like a stencil, dropping in additional pieces of illumination that can be shaped like clouds, leaves, or many other items.

There are plenty of other reasons why Phantom’s optical framing projectors are considered among the best high end art lighting fixtures, and the experts at Phantom Lighting can help a homeowner better understand why with a free consultation.

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