How Is Adjustable Cabinet Lighting Used In Display Furniture?

Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lighting is a proprietary design and is found nowhere else on the market. It is a much more convenient alternative to traditional display fixtures and is highly customizable. Once installed, these fixtures are perfect for showing off a prized collection of mementos, artwork, glasswork, books or photos. They can breathe new life into an older piece of furniture and provide a nice, soft form of illumination during the night. This makes them perfect to relax by in the bedroom, in the office, or a cozy den.

What makes Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lighting unique?

What Kinds of Adjustable Cabinet Lighting Does Phantom Offer?These fixtures were created in response to the unwieldy and frustrating fixtures normally placed in display furniture. These obsolete designs were not standardized and were inflexible once installed. This meant that every time the fixtures needed to be moved around, an electrician had to be called to rewire everything. This is expensive, time consuming and tiring to deal with for homeowners.

Phantom’s technology sidesteps all of this by offering a standard, no wired approach to the setup. These fixtures are built without exposed wiring, making them a safer and more attractive option. Once installed, there is no wiring visible at all. Instead of exposed wiring, Phantom’s technology uses conductive shelf supports to transfer power to the fixtures via brass contact pads. This can be done with the furniture’s existing construction, or with buss bars supplied by Phantom.

The result is a fixture that is easy to install, safe to use, and simple to move around if need be. Most fixtures cannot be moved around once installed without an electrician’s help. Because Phantom’s technology relies on conductive shelf supports, they just have to be readjusted whenever a homeowner wants a new look. This is an easy process that requires no technical expertise.

Phantom’s technology also uses the best LED fixtures on the market, in terms of output and efficiency. LED technology produces little radiant heat, so these fixtures can be left on around the clock without fear of running up a high utility bill or fear of starting a fire. Phantom’s LED fixtures are also extremely long lived, providing about 50,000 hours of performance on average.

What kinds of adjustable cabinet lighting does Phantom offer?

Phantom produces two versions of its proprietary display fixtures. The AE model is exposed and is made for retrofit projects. The AC model is concealed and is perfect for new construction, as Phantom’s buss bars can be tailored to fit any space. This flexibility is a hallmark of Phantom design, and all of our display furniture fixtures can be precut to fit any space. This makes installation quick and painless, which is why professional installers consistently choose to work with Phantom, when given the chance.

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