How Are Architectural Lighting Fixtures Used?

What Are Architectural Lighting FixturesArchitectural lighting fixtures are used to bring out the inherent beauty in a number of interior features. Home builders and architects often dedicate a lot of effort when customizing valences, coves, and other unique pieces along the ceiling and walls. The best way to show these off is with cove lighting strips produced by Phantom. Phantom’s xenon and LED linear cove strips are designed to fit into any home’s design and emit a warm cascade of soft illumination that will create an intimate feel. In fact, if the builder is alerted beforehand, they can prewire the home for the strips and make it even easier to install them.

Coves, valences and other features add a great deal of beauty to the home, but without architectural lighting fixtures, most people won’t even notice they are there. Anything around the ceiling will be difficult to see without the proper illumination, so these features should be displayed with the proper technology. Phantom’s strips are designed with an ultra-low profile that makes them ideal for tight spaces. It’s important to keep all wiring and the lamps themselves out of sight once installed or this will ruin the effect. Phantom also produces several pieces of aiming trim metal glare shields that help diffuse the illumination and spread it out, creating a glowing effect. This will prevent any harsh shadows from taking away from the overall look.

Lighting is often overlooked when designing a home, so Phantom has designed its linear strips for easy fitting. Prior to installation, Phantom will consult with the installer and take a custom set of measurements that will be used for the job. Phantom will fashion the strips to these measurements, so they can be placed precisely. Coupled with its low profile and Phantom’s trim, this will ensure the strips remain out of sight and produce the perfect spread of illumination.

Though a home builder can prewire the house for strip illumination technology, most builders will neglect to do so. Fortunately, Phantom’s architectural lighting fixtures require minimal infrastructure to place and can even be retrofitted on an existing system. Retrofitting is normally desired when current incandescent lamps are draining too much power and creating too much heat. Xenon and LED technology are both far superior to incandescent bulbs in terms of efficiency, safety and reliability, making them a better fit for concealed applications. Phantom’s Elite and Ultra lines of LED strips are graded for an average of 50,000 hours of performance, which is several times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED strips can be customized in a number of color temperatures, from the warm, golden tones that incandescent bulbs produce to slightly cooler hues. Natural white tones are also available and are perfect for color rendering. This is ideal if the room is filled with vibrant, attractive colors. Also, Phantom’s strips can be hooked up to dimmer switches that allow for precise control over the level of radiance in the space. At low settings, the strips will create an inviting glow, while at higher settings they can create enough illumination for any task.

A home is defined by many things, including its unique interior features. With Phantom’s xenon and LED strips, a homeowner can ensure their house looks the way it was intended to.