How Are Art Lighting Fixtures Used?

Phantom’s art lighting fixtures offer a level of illumination that other technologies just can’t match. Most lighting sources are designed to fix to the subject’s frame, or suspend above the subject. While this can provide adequate illumination for the piece, it will take away from the overall look and may produce distracting shadows. If a homeowner or venue wants to make a big impact with their priceless items, they can best achieve this goal with a device that remains out of sight and produces sharply defined illumination.

How do Phantom’s art lighting fixtures work?

While Phantom can help a client develop nearly any illumination solution they are looking for, our flagship technology is our contour projector. Each projector uses a halogen light engine, and proprietary lensing built to focus the illumination and eliminate any wayward rays. Before the beam exits the projector, it is filtered through one of two masking attachments. One option is a pair of adjustable shutters that can be set to a full range of rectangular and square dimensions. Phantom’s other masking option is a cut metal slide that is configured to a single subject, usually with unusual dimensions, like a statue.

By masking out all illumination that doesn’t fit the subject, all shadows and spill illumination are eliminated. All that remains is a beam that is shaped precisely to the artwork. The effect this creates is unlike anything other illumination technologies produce. The subject appears to be glowing and producing radiance. This is because there is no evidence that there is a fixture aimed at the subject. While the subject is always the intended focus, a unique light source can make it appear much more attractive.

To solidify this look, Phantom designs its projectors with UL Approved aluminum housings that secure inside the ceiling. The front of the projector aims through a tiny aperture that extends a couple inches out of the ceiling. The entire apparatus has a cover plate that ensures a seamless, unobtrusive look.

How can Phantom’s art lighting fixtures be useful?

Phantom’s projectors are compatible with nearly anything that is on display, though commonly their use in conjunction with paintings, photographs or other wall installations. Cut metal slides are customizable so that they shape the illumination to multiple pieces or irregular shaped objects such as sculptures. This is useful for home and business owners that want to show a collection of items but don’t want flood the area with light.

A contour projector can be used to display a number of art pieces or collections, including statues, books, pottery, memorabilia, antiques, models, and other priceless items. These type of installations may require the help of a professional installer to achieve the desired results.

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