How Are LED Festoon Lamps The Best Option For Lighting Systems

Why Are LED Festoon Lamps The Best Option For Lighting SystemsWhen looking to install a new lighting system or retrofitting an existing one, Phantom’s LED festoon lamps should be considered a primary option for the job. Phantom’s fixtures are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, so they can be adapted for multiple uses. Built with the latest diode technology, they are also extremely efficient and reliable, each lamp lasting for 50,000 hours on average. With their premium reliability, they can be installed for the long term, only requiring the occasional replacement.

Which of Phantom’s fixtures are made for new installations?

Phantom offers a couple of premium diode fixtures that are perfect for new installations. Both of them, the Elite and Ultra, are among the brightest available on the market, though they can be customized with dimmer switches if desired. Dimmer switches allow for precise control over how bright the fixtures are, so a home or business owner doesn’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by the amount of light. When at their brightest, the Elite series produces 67 lumens of illumination per linear foot, while the Ultra model creates 240 lumens per linear foot.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra models are most often incorporated into lighting strips that are designed for easy concealing
. These lighting strips are perfect for new installations because they can be cut to fit an area precisely. They can be hidden behind a variety of architectural features or even inside cabinetry. Once placed, they can evoke a relaxed atmosphere with their gentle illumination.

What fixtures are made for existing lighting systems?

When an older lighting system is already in place, it can be a frustrating experience to take it out and replace it with new infrastructure. That’s why Phantom also offers LED festoon lamps specifically designed to fit over existing systems. By using current wiring and power sources, a home or business owner can reduce their installation costs while still getting high quality illumination.

Phantom’s replacement LED festoon lamps can be retrofitted over existing incandescent or xenon lighting systems
, both of which are found in buildings around the world. They are available in 12 and 24 volt varieties, so fixture replacement or rewiring is not necessary. Also, Phantom’s diode lighting uses both forms of AC current normally found in cove lighting installations, so existing transformers can be used with the new lights.

What are some common applications for Phantom’s LED lighting?

Phantom’s fixtures truly shine in situations where aesthetic illumination is needed. They can also be highly functional when installed in coves, above countertops or in workspace areas. When installed inside cabinetry, they can illuminate a collection of photos, books or other treasured mementos perfectly.

In commercial settings, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra strip lights can promote a professional look or help welcome customers
. They can also be installed in product display casings, helping generate additional interest in a shop’s goods. Fortunately, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures can be fully customized to accentuate any color scheme or aesthetic.