How Are LED Strip Lights Used & What Are The Options?

What are LED strip lights typically used for?

These particular diode fixtures are commonly in concealed areas such as cabinets, shelving, and ceiling coves. While other types of lighting fixtures address dramatic effects, diode lighting is typically used for an understated look, or to accentuate pieces of furniture. These fixtures offer concealment if that is an issue in the installation process. If you are trying to replace or retrofit existing incandescent and xenon fixtures, Phantom led festoon lamps can be easily used in already established lighting systems.

What kind of LED strip lights does Phantom provide?

Phantom’s line of Elite and Ultra fixtures offer a spectrum of high-quality diode fixtures that can all be customized perfectly to fit every situation and area. These diodes can be disguised to accomplish a low-profile look while still maintaining the optimal spread angle of lighting by using proprietary trim pieces. The Ultra cove lighting products emit beams that are softer than regular bulbs, which can be used to bring attention to dark areas without the lights themselves being the center of attention. This design creates an illumination that feather out from its crevice, creating and inviting and pleasant atmosphere. In comparison, the Elite line produces 130 lumens of illumination per foot, while the Ultra line produces a stunning 200 lumens per foot. This broad spectrum of available illumination allows the individual or business owner to evoke the level or radiance, helping to avoid common pitfalls that come with harsher lighting products.

What sets Phantom’s strip lights apart from other types of lighting fixtures?

Phantom’s specialized led strip lights give off a continuous, sometimes subtle illumination to areas where bulkier and harsher lights are hard to conceal. These lights invite a sort of glowing appearance in areas, where individuals can accentuate the angles and curves of a particular piece of furniture or architectural feature. Phantom led light strips are available in several color temperatures ranging from a warm 2300K to a cool 4000K. These fixtures are graded for 50,000 hours of life and can be installed once and left alone with little to no maintenance. If needed, these Phantom diodes can also be customized with specialized dimmer switches that allow the individual to control the amount of brightness. These fixtures allow an individual or business owner to achieve the perfect lighting solution for their home or building.

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