How Do Cabinet Light Moldings Improve Your Display?

Aesthetic illumination can improve how every display looks, but it usually has to be concealed from view to function optimally, and this is where cabinet light moldings are an essential part of a project. Aesthetic fixtures, like LED and xenon strips, have to be placed in a spot that would render them plainly visible if not for a concealing piece of trim, but this trim is not always built into a piece of furniture. In these situations, the easiest solution is to attach a piece of trim to the furniture and create a concealed spot to place the fixtures. And some trims can do more than just conceal the fixtures, improving the look of the system significantly.

How can cabinet light moldings improve the look of a system?

Concealed fixtures are much more effective in an aesthetic design, as the fixtures themselves aren’t much to look at. If exposed, they can also produce a lot of annoying glare, and the illumination they create will be harder to control. This leads to hotspots and illumination that is generally too intense. The best looking display, in general, is one that is bathed in controlled illumination.

A piece of trim attached to a shelf or beneath the cabinet provides that control, and offers two primary functions. For one, it blocks the fixtures from view and preserves the display’s aesthetic. And the trim also confines the illumination to the display itself, ensuring that only the display is illuminated, and not the surrounding area.

Phantom, though, offers cabinet light moldings that provide additional functionality as well. While a standard piece of trim only blocks the illumination, Phantom’s trim is configured to direct the illumination into certain angles. This sharpens the spread of illumination even better, and allows the designer to precisely align the illumination to the contours of the display. All of Phantom’s strip fixture models come with several trim options, each of which can align the illumination into certain angles. This gives a display designer complete control over how the system looks.

Every piece of trim can also be fitted with one of several veneer patterns, so the trim will be visually matched to the furniture it is attached to. Phantom can also produce a custom size for all of its cabinet light moldings, allowing installers to precisely match up the trim to the furniture. Phantom’s trim can fit to nearly any piece of furniture, and can even be fitted to center stiles, which will cover a wide field of view.

Aiming trims, when combined with metal glare shields and precise dimmer controls, can help promote that soft, diffused form of illumination that designers look for from these fixtures. It’s an approach that ensures a display will appear smartly put together, and will be memorable as a result.

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