How Do Cabinet Lighting Pros Make A Difference?

Cabinet lighting pros don’t just know fixtures, they know how to get the most from them and can help homeowners work with them as well. These experts excel with display applications, providing an artistic and technical eye for any aesthetic installation. And one of the most common aesthetic applications in the home is illuminating a bookcase or set of display shelves. Photos, artwork, books, memorabilia, models, and glass – all of it will look more vibrant and interesting when cast under a set of premium fixtures. And an expert can help a homeowner go from looking at examples in a magazine to enjoying their own attention-getting display.

What will cabinet lighting pros do for a homeowner?

It’s not easy installing display fixtures, or at least it’s not easy to get them to look right without the proper assistance. It may not seem like much to get them up and running, but the last thing a homeowner wants to do is engage in trial and error. Some fixtures require some preparation before they can be placed, like cutting a hole out to accommodate the housing. If a homeowner has to repeat the process time and time again until they get a look that works, they may tear up the installation site and just add to the work load. And with the finicky nature of illumination, fixtures can be placed and replaced several times without getting that perfect, precise look.

That’s where cabinet lighting pros come in. Many of the problems homeowners face are due to poor fixture selection, either because the fixtures are too low quality to offer the right illumination, or because the fixtures just aren’t formatted well for the space. For example, recessed down fixtures can work just fine with glass, models and sculptures, but they may not work with long rows of books. In this instance, it would be better off to go with a set of strip LEDs.

A design firm can help secure the right fixtures for the display, taking into account the shape and size of the room, the home’s overall aesthetic, and what is placed on the shelves. For example, if the display consists of old, weathered books, warmer strip LED lamps will offer the perfect pairing, as they bring out the subtle, warmer tones inside the leather. Glass and artwork are better paired with neutral white illumination, while precious metals, particularly silver, look amazing under cooler hues.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is that cabinet lighting pros can customize fixtures to fit the setting. In addition to picking the ideal color, expert designers can work with installers to shape the fixtures to fit. This ensures the fixtures remain concealed after installation and blend in with the display. Experts can augment the fixtures with dimmer controls, glare shields, and combine the fixtures in ways that a homeowner may not have considered.

Illumination experts can assist with any installation, simplifying the process and ensuring there’s no guesswork involved.

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