How Can Recessed Cabinet Lights Improve Furniture?

Recessed cabinet lights can be that unique touch that brings out the beauty of a display piece. Normally, these pieces of furniture are left in the dark when the night falls, fading into the background. It’s an unworthy fate for furniture displaying a collection of precious mementos, books or artwork. The simplest solution to this problem is with Phantom’s uniquely designed fixtures, built into the furniture seamlessly.

How can recessed cabinet lights be used to improve its look?

How Can Recessed Cabinet Lights Improve Furniture Displays?

Phantom produces a number of fixtures that can be placed below, above or inside the furniture to create an eye catching look. These can be combined to create a dynamic, multilayered aesthetic that brings the furniture out from the wall. When installed inside the furniture, it is designed to illuminate each shelf and all of the items on each shelf.

For furniture with glass or mirrored backdrops, using a series of recessed down lamps is the best choice, as this will prevent illumination from reflecting off the back of the furniture. Furniture with wooden backing and shelving is a perfect fit for Phantom’s vertical or horizontal shelf fixtures. These are designed to be easily concealed and can be hidden behind most reveals easily. When there are no reveals present, Phantom can furnish a custom trim that can give enough cover for the fixture.

This technology is much more sophisticated than standard incandescent fixtures. Phantom’s fixtures are designed to create soft illumination that cascades gently over each subject. Unlike inferior incandescent lamps, Phantom’s fixtures don’t produce any hot or dead spots. Instead, the radiance is even and precisely metered to create a consistent look.

What kinds of recessed cabinet lights does Phantom offer?

Phantom produces three lines of fixtures, each available in a number of design styles. The Classic line can be created with xenon or LED lamps and produces a seamless source of illumination that’s also economical. Some homeowners prefer xenon illumination because it produces golden tones similar to incandescent fixtures. This makes for superb color rendering and is naturally relaxing.

The Elite and Ultra lines consist of high performance LED lamps that create an impressive amount of illumination. Each linear foot of Elite fixtures emits 67 lumens of radiance, while the Ultra produces a staggering 240 lumens per linear foot. Both are highly customizable and can be designed in a number of color tones, from cool to warm, even mimicking the same look that incandescent fixtures can produce.

All three lines can be produce in a range of designs, including horizontal or vertical mounts, or even adjustable designs. Phantom’s adjustable shelving fixtures are installed with no open wiring, instead using a combination of buss bars and brass contact pads to conduct electricity from the transformer to the fixtures. The shelf supports are also conductive so the homeowner can reposition their shelving as they see fit without having to call an electrician.

Display furniture can contain a lifetime of beloved memories and treasured pieces. Give them the illumination they deserve with Phantom’s premium illumination technology.

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