How Can Unique Cabinet Lighting Be Achieved?

Unique cabinet lighting isn’t supposed to take a display over, but instead complement the items on display.
That may sound like a simple principle, but many fixtures have a tendency to distract with their overplayed intensity or poor metering. The human eye is extremely sensitive to any flaws or inconsistencies in a pool of illumination, so any fixtures meant for display purposes have to be subtle yet bright, and flexible yet consistent. Getting all of that in a single fixture is a lot to ask, but Phantom Lighting’s LED fixtures are the complete package.

What does unique cabinet lighting mean for a display?

Even the most beautiful display is going to fade from view if it is not illuminated properly, but not just any off the shelf fixtures will do. In fact, low quality fixtures can do more harm than good, frustrating people with glare or altering the color in the display.

High end illumination has to be controlled and confined to the display, it has to be intense enough to draw attention and it has to be even and clean. For example, when a display contains a collection of items that deserve equal attention, the best option is a set of concealed LED fixtures. Concealed LED strips project illumination evenly into a certain area, so there are no hard edges that may produce the dreaded spotlight effect. Phantom achieves this by installing metal glare shields and aiming trims along with its Elite and Ultra fixtures. Together, the trims and glare shields focus the illumination in, blocking it from emitting outside of the display area, and soften the illumination by diffusing it. This applies a subtle blur-like effect that gently scatters the illumination along its edges, producing a slight gradient transition between the illuminated space and its surroundings.

Phantom’s LED fixtures are also among the brightest on the market, making them truly unique cabinet lighting options. The extra intensity helps the display stand out from its surroundings, but if a homeowner wants something a little pulled back, Phantom can attach dimmer controls to the system. Dimmer controls allow for complete control over the output level of the fixtures, so they can be brought up or down instantly.

When executed just right, premium illumination is capable of establishing a centerpiece in a room without being the centerpiece itself. It can make a room feel more intimate, warmer, even more imposing if that’s what a homeowner wants. For example, a set of bright, natural white fixtures may be ideal for showing off artwork, glass, or models. A homeowner can bring down the ambient illumination in the room so that only the display fixtures are noticeable. With the right artwork or models, this can produce a dramatic effect that looks right out of a museum.

It’s nearly impossible to get a high quality, professional look without fixtures customized to the space. It may seem overwhelming at first, but Phantom’s experts can help a homeowner put together the perfect system for their collection.

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