How To Choose The Best Fine Art Lighting Fixtures

Fine art lighting fixtures are useful in both residential and commercial applications, and are also installed in museums and galleries around the world. There are a number of technologies available for these applications, ranging from simple frame-mounted lamps to sophisticated contour projectors placed in the ceiling. In recent years, museums and other venues have started customizing their illumination technology to their pieces, ensuring that each piece is displayed in the best possible way. Phantom excels at producing custom solutions for these situations, specializing in displaying precious paintings and photographs.

What are some illumination options for paintings and photographs?

How To Choose Fine Art Lighting Fixtures For Displaying Artwork

Frame mounted lamps are the least expensive option and normally use incandescent technology to produce illumination. While they are an effective low cost solution, frame-mounted incandescent bulbs emit infrared energy that quickly converts to heat when absorbed. For this reason, frame-mounted bulbs should not be used for oil-based paintings, as the artwork will crack and degrade when exposed to heat. Heat can also cause the binding in canvases to swell and may promote the growth of mold and mildew. Museums and galleries will need to keep their subjects ventilated if they are going to use frame-mounted lamps.

Track lamps are another common option and are much safer to use. Installed along the ceiling, track illumination can be moved around and aimed until the right angle of illumination is found. Though they are more expensive than frame-mounted lamps, they are more versatile and generally more effective.

Phantom’s contour projectors are the most advanced fine art lighting fixtures available to galleries and museums and can be used with a variety of subjects. Integrated with halogen MR16, fiber optic technology, they are completely safe to use with subjects of all kinds, including older oil paintings.

Why are Phantom’s contour projectors the best option for museums and galleries?

Phantom’s projectors are mounted in the ceiling and can be used with wall hangings of any size. What makes them stand out from other options is their pattern of illumination. During production, Phantom can cut a custom template, which will spread the illumination in whatever pattern is needed. As a result, the projector creates illumination that contours to the subject, fitting it perfectly so that there is no spill.

Spill illumination is often used for effect, but it creates harsh shadows that may distract from the subject. With contoured illumination, there are no shadows cast around the fixture, giving the subject the appearance of being lit from within. This mesmerizing glow is unique to Phantom’s projectors and is sure to make people do a double take when they see the painting or photograph.

Phantom offers several projector models, most of which can be easily concealed. The projector only requires a small aperture in the ceiling to emit a beam of radiance, making it easy to keep it out of sight and enhance the glow effect.

Museums and galleries are always looking for ways to impress their patrons and keep them coming back. With Phantom’s contour projectors, they can leave their patrons awestruck with fine art lighting fixtures they’ve likely never seen before.

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