How Designing Cove Lighting Methods Works

Designing Cove Lighting Methods With PhantomWhen designing cove lighting displays, some methods work better than others. These fixtures are made to fit compact spaces and remain out of sight; so installation needs to be just right to optimize their effect. Phantom’s xenon and LED strip fixtures are perfect for this purpose, as they have an ultra-low profile. This makes Phantom’s fixtures easier to install and more versatile, as they can be installed in areas where competing products are not able to go.

When designing cove lighting, what methods work best?

Phantom’s Classic, Elite and Ultra strip fixtures are all popular choices when needing accent illumination. These fixtures can be in any area that provides at least a modest amount of concealment. The most common installation spots are at the ceiling, on top of display cabinetry, , around architectural features, on top of valences, and behind crown molding.. Once installed, these fixtures produce a soft wash of illumination that can have a range of kelvin color temperatures and fixture colors. The lighting will make the largest impact when installed below the ceiling with enough space for the light to spread and provide uniform illumination. This allows the radiance to wrap around the contours of the room and generate a soft glow that permeates the room.

These fixtures are ideal for corporate settings, where installation can be around reception areas, behind a corporate logo or in spots that need a visual punch. For example, a restaurant owner may feel that their restaurant isn’t standing out like it should. Phantom’s fixtures can be placed behind artwork in the restaurant, around windows, or under a bar or other important pieces of furniture.

Like most other indirect fixtures, Phantom’s strip fixtures aren’t meant to be seen. Direct fixtures have a problem with causing annoying glare, and this will take away from the system’s look. It is also difficult to control the level of radiance in the room when direct fixtures are used to fill out the space. Phantom’s strip fixtures do not have this problem, as they have glare shields that diffuse the light over a large area. Glare shields are partly responsible for the soft spread of illumination, something that puts Phantom’s products above the rest. Many clients also opt to install  low voltage dimmers to their strip fixtures, allowing for fine control over the system’s output.

What are some cove lighting products Phantom offers?

The Classic, Elite and Ultra lines of strip fixtures are all popular choices that combine superior efficiency with impressive power. The Elite and Ultra models, in particular, are popular choices due to their LED technology. When designing cove lighting systems, most methods rely on older technology which is inefficient, unsafe and costly.

Phantom’s Elite line of LED fixtures provides an impressive 130 lumens per linear foot. The Ultra is even more powerful, providing 200 lumens per linear foot. Both come in a range of kelvin color temperatures (from 2300K to 4000K) and monochromatic colors, including red, green, blue, amber and pink. This full range of options, along with their efficiency and low profile, makes Phantom’s strip fixtures the perfect choice when setting up an indirect illumination system.

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