How Does Flexible LED Cabinet Lighting Function?

Flexible LED cabinet lighting is hard to find, but it can be a major relief once it is set up. The home is the place where a family can express itself best, but the decorating can quickly become a hassle. Beautiful display furniture can easily cost thousands of dollars, and these pieces aren’t there to go unnoticed. So many homeowners turn to diode fixtures to show off their precious mementos. The problem is, when it comes time to adjust the shelving, most diode systems can’t be adjusted with them. That’s because they operate using exposed wiring, and it’s unsafe and difficult to move this around without the proper expertise. The only option in this case is to bring in an electrician, and that would be excessive to most people, in cost and in effort. That’s why Phantom sought out to create a fixture that could be easily adjusted by someone without any technical experience.

How does Phantom’s flexible LED cabinet lighting work?

Phantom offers two diode strip models, the Elite and Ultra. Both are designed to be concealed and produce soft illumination that gently bathes anything on display. Phantom builds glare shields into its fixtures and can attach dimmer controls, and both are intended to control output and how it looks. The glare shields soften the illumination along the edges so that there is no harsh transition from bright to dark, and the dimmer controls allow the homeowner to set the perfect level of intensity. With these clever additions, the fixtures will blend into the home’s décor and not take it over with harsh intensity.

What makes flexible LED cabinet lighting truly flexible, though, is how it delivers power to the fixtures. Standard fixtures use wiring to deliver power. Phantom’s adjustable Elite and Ultra fixtures instead use several conductive pieces to build a complete circuit without exposed wiring. Specifically, the system begins with a concealed driver that is selected specifically for the system’s needs. The driver is compact and can easily be placed either behind the furniture, or up in the ceiling. Once set, it will be impossible to see from nearly all viewing angles. The driver delivers power to buss bars attached along the outside of the furniture. For this reason, Phantom’s adjustable fixtures are best reserved for newly constructed furniture, as the buss bars need spots routed out for them before they can be fitted. The bars double as an anchor spot for brass support screws and brass contact pads. The buss bars carry the current into the contact pads, which then deliver the power to the fixtures. Nowhere in the system is exposed wiring required, making for safer operation that is easier to set up. In fact, when it’s time to reconfigure the shelving, all that has to be done is to remove the anchor screw, find a new spot for the shelf, and place the screw in its new spot.

It’s as simple as can be when it comes to configuring furniture, and because it is so easy, a homeowner can take full advantage of their displays and come up with some highly inventive looks.

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