How Does The Contour FF Series Stand Out From Other Fixtures?

The Contour Float finish, or FF, series is designed for homes where preserving the space’s aesthetic is essential. It is also a smart choice for buildings where attic access is not available, but most homeowners appreciate it for its extremely streamlined appearance. Once installed, it is nearly invisible, and yet it still offers the high quality lighting that Phantom’s projectors are respected for. In fact, the Float Finish projector model rivals, or even exceeds, the type of lighting one might find in a museum or gallery, so it gives homeowners something to take pride in.

What are the standout features in the Contour FF Series?

Phantom’s projectors are, in general, designed to be inconspicuous and blend into a room. The Float Finish, though, takes this concept as far as possible, as it is a zero sight line system that sits flush with the rest of the ceiling. The rotating ring and cover plate are both painted the color of the ceiling, so the only thing indicating the projector’s presence is a slight seam between the cover plate and the ceiling. Even during operation, the projector only needs a small aperture to fire the beam through, so it will remain out of the way.

Because it is so difficult to spot, the Contour FF Series will likely cause a lot of double takes. With their high quality halogen source and extreme precision, people will expect a bulky set of fixtures. Instead, the projector is completely hidden inside the ceiling, protected by an aluminum housing that guards against moisture and dust. The projector is compact, so it can fit inside shallow ceilings and homes without attics. Many homeowners see this as a convenience, as climbing up into the attic is not something everyone wants to do.

But what matters most is the lighting, and the Contour FF Series delivers some of the best in the industry. Phantom’s projectors can be used with a single subject of any size, or multiple subjects, so it is possible to light an entire wall of paintings with a single fixture. The Float Finish model is also compatible with intricately designed subjects, like sculptures. No matter how large the subject is or how it is shaped, Phantom can provide a masking attachment that shapes the projector’s beam perfectly.

Shaped light produces a glow effect that makes the subject appear as if it is lit from within. This effect is particularly powerful with paintings, as the extra light will impart extra vividness into every color. The glow effect will also turn any subject into a centerpiece, so the Float Finish is ideal for those valuable, prized paintings and sculptures.

Normally, professional quality lighting is difficult to set up and can create a lot of clutter. These aren’t problems for Phantom’s projectors, which are sharply, and intuitively, designed.