How To Find The Best Cabinet Light Fixtures For Displays

A homeowner that wants to spruce up some display furniture with cabinet light fixtures has many options available to them. Incandescent, fluorescent, xenon and LED lamps can all be used for this purpose, and they all have their benefits. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps tend to be more affordable, and incandescent bulbs produce warm illumination that homeowners often appreciate. Xenon and LED fixtures, though, provide superior radiance and efficiency. For this reason, most installers choose xenon or LED lamps for a custom installation.

Cabinet Light Fixtures For Display FurnitureWhen placing the fixtures, many things have to be accounted for. The shape and size of the items that will be displayed is one important factor. Also, the design of the furniture will often dictate how the lamps should be placed. If the wrong lamps are picked for the job or are placed incorrectly, the resulting illumination will do a poor job of displaying anything. The lamps may be too dim, too bright, or may cast harsh shadows that distract from the collection. With this in mind, a homeowner should make sure that any installer they choose uses products that are reliable. Phantom’s designs are a favorite among electricians, architects and contractors because they are easy to customize and made to fit into a number of setups.

For example, some of Phantom’s cabinet light fixtures are completely concealable. They consist of buss bars that also act as shelf supports in the furniture. The buss bars conduct electricity delivered from a hidden transformer to brass contact pads that maintain a connection with the lamps. Because the buss bars are integrated directly into the furniture, they remain out of view. In fact, with a shelf overhang or piece of decorative trim, these lamps can’t be seen at all. Because the lamps are fitted with metal glare shields, they produce diffuse illumination that is soft and less likely to create stark shadows. The end result is illumination that seems to come from nowhere and produces a subtle glow that gently brightens up all subjects. This effect is something Phantom strives for with all of its designs.

Xenon and LED fixtures used in cabinets are generally preferred by professional installers for several reasons. For one, these lamps are usually left on for extended periods of time. Because xenon and LED technology is much more efficient, keeping the lamps on around the clock won’t require a lot of energy. Also, xenon and LED bulbs are more reliable and produce a more consistent level of illumination. They can be designed to produce a range of color tones, like pure white, or warmer hues that are similar to those produced by incandescent lamps. Xenon and LED lamps are also smaller and produce a smaller profile than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. This makes them easier to conceal and place into a piece of furniture.

As long as the furniture does not have a mirrored back, vertical or horizontally mounted cabinet light fixtures are the best option available. If the furniture does have a mirrored back, small down lamps are a better choice for the furniture. Down lamps will only work for glass shelving, though, or the illumination won’t reach the rest of the shelving. These obstacles, though, can easily be worked around with premium fixture designs from Phantom.

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