How To Get The Most From Cabinet Interior Display Lighting

To really make a cabinet stand out, consider interior display lighting and the visual punch it can offer a setup. People showcase all kinds of things in this type of furniture, including books, photos, artwork, glass, collectibles, and other prized items. But all that time spent on setting up a collection will be wasted without the proper illumination. Premium fixtures are capable of doing some impressive things when showing off a collection, and high-end fixtures are much easier to meter and control. This will be apparent the moment the system is switched on for the first time, as homeowners are often surprised just how much subtle beauty these fixtures can add to the furniture.

When illuminating a cabinet, what interior display lighting can make the biggest impact?

There are plenty of fixtures that can be installed around shelving and inside furniture, but most of them won’t provide the consistency and visual complexity that a homeowner really wants. Unsurprisingly, cheaper systems are made with inferior components and do not last as long, are not as safe or efficient, and can be unpredictable in how they emit illumination. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners settle for cheaper, off the shelf options because they assume that all fixtures do the same thing.

Phantom’s LED strips are designed to have the final say in shelf illumination, as they are made with the highest quality components on the market and are made to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. They are available in two models, including the Elite, which emits 130 lumens per linear foot, and the Ultra, which emits 200 lumens per linear foot. With their impressive brilliance, they can make any collection stand out, no matter its composition. And that power doesn’t come at a cost of efficiency or safety either. The Elite only requires 3.5 watts per foot, while the Ultra only needs 4.7 watts per foot, which makes both systems a feasible option, even for homeowners that keep a close eye on their energy bill. The Elite is used for most display applications, while the Ultra is reserved for task lighting or other areas where a higher output is desirable. Also, LED fixtures produce almost no radiant heat, as they convert electricity to illumination at a high rate of efficiency, so there is no worry of heat damaging fragile items like photos or precious artwork.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of high-end fixtures, though, is that they offer more placement options and ensure an even spread of illumination. With cheap fixtures, hotspots and darkened areas are common, and they will take away from the cabinet. Interior display lighting has to be reliable enough that a homeowner knows exactly what to expect before the system is switched on. That’s also a standout design mark in the Elite and Ultra, as they can be concealed with one of several aiming trims. A designer will know how to use these trims to lock down the perfect illumination angle, whether extremely wide or extremely narrow.

There are other ways of approaching shelf illumination, of course, but the Elite and Ultra stand alone in their ability to fit into any arrangement and produce an unparalleled look.

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