How Is Gun Cabinet Lighting Done With Phantom?

Setting up gun cabinet lighting is like setting up any other type of display illumination. The fixtures must provide enough power and the right spread of light to get the intended effect. With firearms, the challenge is metering the illumination so that there isn’t too much glare bouncing off the metal. It’s also crucial to provide an even spread of illumination as firearms can be rendered invisible if there are any dark spots. Phantom’s fixtures are designed to mitigate these concerns, providing an even wash of light that complements the guns perfectly.

Which of Phantom’s fixtures are ideal for gun cabinet lighting?

Phantom has two lines of LED strip fixtures, the Elite and Ultra, which are ideal for illuminating firearms for a number of reasons. Both the Elite and Ultra are highly customizable and can be built to nearly any size. Guns come in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, colors and design marks, so there is no one illumination system that will work with every setup. This compounds when considering the variety of cabinet designs, which differ in height, width, material and color. A system may work great for a particular grouping of firearms, and ultimately fail with another arrangement.

For this reason, versatility is essential for an installer to do the job right. Installers can only work with the fixture they have, and if they only have access to low quality, inflexible illumination methods, the client is not going to be happy with the result.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra fixtures offer this flexibility because they are powerful, efficient and made from high-quality materials and modern technology. LED fixtures are the most advanced lighting technologies in existence, and recent engineering advancements have made it possible to tailor them to any setting. For example, incandescent lamps have been the most popular choice in illumination for decades, prized for their warm, soft tones. It took years for engineers to perfect the method, but it is now possible to customize LED fixtures to produce the same warm output. And this attractive, warm look is done with unparalleled efficiency and safety. Firearm owners know that with heat comes condensation, and that condensation is a nightmare for firearms in storage. Phantom’s LED fixtures create close to zero radiant heat, helping preserve the ideal environment for gun protection.

How is Phantom’s gun cabinet lighting usually placed?

Phantom approaches every installation as a unique job, so all fixtures are designed to the setting. Once it’s clear how many fixtures will be required to illuminate the display, Phantom will help select the proper driver and any trim needed to conceal the fixtures. Both the Elite and Ultra are trimmable at regular intervals, and Phantom will work with the installer to develop fixtures that fit perfectly in place. That will ensure complete illumination coverage. Phantom also offers a proprietary fixture design for adjustable shelving for clients that like to rearrange their firearms regularly.

This, along with Phantom’s impressive range of output and color options, guarantees every client can get the gun cabinet lighting they desire to showcase their firearms.

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