How Has Cove Light Improved Over Time With Technology?

In most settings, a cove light can help set an intimate mood or add a warm glow. This form of illumination is usually installed in recesses, valences or above molding or ledges. They provide indirect radiance, so the fixtures are designed to remain out of sight at all times. Instead of task illumination, which is direct and used to brighten things up in a room, these fixtures are designed to create complexity and beauty to a space with architectural features. These lights are an appropriate lighting solution for many spaces and can create ambiance in any room.

Cove light technology has come a long way since incandescent and fluorescent lamps were the only solutions available. At first, these fixtures were reserved for cabinet spaces where task lighting was necessary. These fixtures were primarily small incandescent puck fixtures that, while warm and inviting, were also inefficient and unreliable. They also produced a lot of heat for their size, which meant that they needed to be used judiciously. Otherwise, they could start a fire. Fluorescent lamps came out and were more energy efficient but were also large unsightly fixtures. This was a breakthrough for this type of lighting since they are more efficient than incandescent light sources. However, fluorescent lamps require unwanted maintenance, only come in certain sizes, and cannot be dimmed.

Over the years, this technology has improved markedly. This includes the fixture’s design and the lamp itself. Fluorescent or Incandescent fixtures are no longer the preferred cove light, now replaced with superior strip fixtures like those designed by Phantom. Strip fixtures are built with an extremely low profile so they are easy to keep out of sight. However, not all strip fixtures possess the flexibility that Phantom’s designs do. Phantom’s strips can be tailored to fit nearly any space, whether straight, curved or circular. Phantom works directly with electricians, contractors and architects, so each fixture is always designed to the consumer’s specifications. This means that each fixture is premeasured for the space they will be installed in. When the installer places Phantom’s fixtures, they don’t have to worry about the strips fitting into place. All of Phantom’s cove light strips are completely customizable.

Phantom’s strips are compatible with a number of bulbs, though the most efficient are LED festoon lamps and continuous LED linear lighting. An LED cove light represents the best mood illumination technology available on the market. Unlike incandescent fixtures, LED lamps produce very little radiant heat, which makes them safer and more efficient to use. Most of the energy delivered to an LED bulb is spent on illumination instead of heat, so much less power is required to operate them. In fact, Phantom’s LED fixtures are among the most efficient and cost effective in the industry. While most competing LED lamps need about a watt to produce 15-20 lumens of radiance, Phantom’s LED lamps product twice as much illumination with less wattage. This means they can be kept on longer without fear of driving up an electricity bill.

Also, Phantom’s LED strips are offered in a range of color temperatures, from white to the warm incandescent glow that many people still prefer. Also, these fixtures can be connected to dimmer switches which provide fine control over the amount of illumination the strips produce.

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