How Is Kitchen Cabinet Lighting A Easy And Safe Option

Why Is Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Important?Kitchen cabinet lighting is an easy, safe way to add interest and functionality to one of the most important rooms in the home. These fixtures are typically installed above counters and inside storage furniture to produce additional layers of illumination. When installed and metered just right, these additional layers of radiance can produce an impressive level of aesthetic cohesion. Proper illumination is one of the simplest ways to get that model room look, and its addition will make the space feel more sophisticated and put together. And as any homeowner knows, when a house feel put together, it’s much easier to relax.

Phantom offers a number of kitchen cabinet lighting options that can be combined in a number of ways. Phantom’s Classic light strips use xenon or LED lamps to produce illumination that is similar to the warm glow of incandescent, only much more efficient. The Elite and Ultra product lines use LED technology to create extremely efficient and safe illumination. Classic xenon lamps come in 5 and 10 varieties and are graded for 20,000 hours of performance. Classic LED lamps only use 0.6 watts of energy per lamp, maintaining an excellent lumen-to-watt ratio of over 50,000 hours of performance. The Elite uses 1.5 watts of power per linear foot and produces 67 lumens of radiance. The Ultra uses 4.5 watts of power per linear foot and emits an impressive 240 lumens per foot. The Ultra is among the brightest LED strip fixtures in the industry and can add an incredible amount of illumination to any room.

However, if homeowners want a little more control over their kitchen cabinet lighting, they can choose a color temperature that works best with their space and attach dimmer switches to the system. Phantom’s LED fixtures are designed in several color temperatures, including 2700K (similar to golden incandescent tones), 3000K (near natural white) and 4000K (neutral white). If a homeowner wants a space that feels more intimate, warmer color tones are the way to go, but if functionality is the most important priority, a series of white strips will make a better fit for the space. However, with dimmer switches, a homeowner can modify the look of the fixtures further. With a dimmer switch, the fixtures can be set at any level of brightness, so they can be kept low at night to provide just enough radiance to see, and at full power during the day and evening.

For above counter applications, Phantom’s task fixtures are usually the best option. Designed with extremely low profiles, task fixtures are made to stay out of sight while providing the optimal spread angle. Phantom’s aiming trim options can be used when there is nothing to conceal the fixtures behind and also helps direct the illumination properly. Phantom’s horizontal and vertical mount strips are perfect for storage furniture that does not come with adjustable shelving. Installed inside the furniture, these strips are ideal for displaying anything through glass casing or anything sitting on open shelving. For furniture with adjustable shelving, Phantom offers an adjustable concealed or exposed fixture that is versatile enough to work with a variety of shelving setups.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the place of many memories and joys
. With Phantom’s LED and xenon strip fixtures, it can be given the warmth and look it deserves.