How To Perform Bookcase Lighting Using LED

Bookcase lighting is possible using LED fixtures, and if done properly, the end result can be stunning. A lot of manufacturers will tell a homeowner that if their cabinetry doesn’t have reveals on the leading edges of their furniture, their options are limited when it comes to installing fixtures. While this is true, it doesn’t discuss the entire truth. Fact is, some fixture manufacturers also offer special trims that provide the needed concealment, eliminating the need for basic flexible strip lamps. This is a significant concern, because basic diode strips cannot be dimmed and are only available in a couple color options. They are also much less powerful than a high quality diode strip and so can only offer limited coverage.

Phantom is among the manufacturers that produces trims for its diode fixtures, and this makes it possible to work with most cabinetry. Bookcase lighting using high quality LED fixtures can fill the entire cabinet with even, bright illumination, and Phantom’s trims enhance this performance ever further by working with the fixture’s intended illumination metering. The principles behind displaying publications is a fairly simple one. Novels, encyclopedias, magazines, comics and texts all have a similar form factor and composition, so they generally handle illumination the same way. This makes the installation process a bit easier to handle.

However, the color temperature selected for the project will depend on what kind of publications are being displayed. Many homeowners like to show off their classic and older texts, and these look best under warmed tones. In general, they aren’t meant to be taken off the shelf and thumbed through regularly, so the most important consideration is that they look good. Warmer toned fixtures pair well with the darker colors that classic texts are usually covered with. Some homeowners, though, have a collection of comics or magazines that are designed with bold, bright colors. Comics and magazines are also intended to be picked up, looked at, and read through. So it is important that they are easy to see and read off the shelf. For these subjects, it is better to use natural white fixtures, as they will show off bold colors the best.

One of the concerns that homeowners have when displaying paper materials is heat, especially when older, more fragile books are present. It’s not just about fire hazard that causes fear, though. Heat also speeds up the aging process in paper goods and can cause pages to yellow faster. That’s why art museums install their fixtures away from the art if possible. When placing bookcase lighting using LED fixtures, though, there is no issue with heat. Diode fixtures are extremely efficient and produce close to zero heat, so they are completely safe to use around precious texts.

Bookcase lighting using LED technology is the smart choice for a homeowner that wants to give their books the best possible look and the longest possible life.