How Is Ultra AC Series Different Than Other Lighting Options?

The Ultra Adjustable Concealed, or AC, Series is an impressive piece of lighting technology, offering some of the brightest applications in the display lighting industry, and doing so with safe LED fixtures. These LEDs can emit up to 400 lumens of light per linear foot when uncoated, which is enough illumination for any display subject. With such brilliant light, it is easy to frame items of interest and instantly direct people to a display. And with Phantom’s proprietary adjustable technology, it is also easy to adjust the lights to accommodate a range of displays.

What makes the Ultra AC Series special?

There are numerous powerful display lights on the market, though few can match the output, efficiency and versatility that Phantom’s LED strips offer. And they certainly can’t match Phantom’s adjustable light systems, which eliminate the need for an electrician when it is time to move the lights around.

One of the problems with display lighting is that once it is installed, it can’t be repositioned due to the danger of exposed wiring. To do so would require the help of an expensive electrician, so most homeowners just don’t bother with it. However, the Ultra AC Series doesn’t use standard exposed wiring to produce light. Instead, it is designed with buss bars that double as shelf supports for the cabinet. Buss bars are capable of conducting electricity without the need for wires, and they can do so safely. A concealed driver behind the cabinet or in the ceiling is connected to the buss bars, which are connected to a set of brass support clips holding the shelves up. These clips are in turn placed next to brass contact pads that direct the power to the lights themselves.

The buss bars are made with several anchor spots for the support clips, and they run up and down the bars. No tools or expertise is needed to remove the clips and reposition the shelving, and it can be done within minutes. This allows homeowners to get any shelf arrangement they want. The Ultra AC Series is designed to be used with new cabinet construction, and the system is integrated directly into the cabinet’s frame, so it remains out of sight.

This is a powerful form of lighting, but it is not harsh. Metal glare shields blunt its hard edges and help produce a glow instead of an intense spotlight. Also, Phantom can attach dimmer controls to its LED strips, allowing for fine control over the system. With a dimmer, the lighting level can be brought down to as low as 4 percent, so during the day, the lights can create a brilliant frame, while at night, they can be made intimate and gentle.

Homeowners that want to impress guests need look no further than Phantom’s LED lighting systems. With their power and unique capabilities, they can make an impression wherever they are installed.

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