How To Use Hidden Cove Lights & Sources

Hidden cove lights and illumination sources are the greatest way to bring out the best features in any room. Homeowners often go to great lengths to show off their home, doing everything possible to draw attention to the room’s curves, angles and interesting ornamentation. Many homeowners realize that lighting is one of the easiest, most effective and cost efficient options out there. Even LED fixtures, which represent the most sophisticated lighting technology available, are much less expensive than framing architectural features using construction or major renovations.

How are hidden cove lights and concealed illumination sources arranged aesthetically?

Not all fixtures are made just for improving visibility. Some fixtures, like LED strips, are designed to fit discreetly into tight spaces and produce subtle illumination. From these concealed spots, LED fixtures can create a soft glow that bathes everything around them in an enchanting, ethereal glow. This glow is most effective when installed close to the ceiling, where it can bounce the soft light off the top of the room. They can also spread their soft radiance down the walls, which helps define the boundaries of the space and makes it feel well-defined.

The difference between boring direct illumination fixtures and LED strips is like the difference between taking a photo with a cell phone and taking one with a professional level camera. Both can do the job, but the difference in quality is too stark to overlook.

In general, these fixtures work best when placed inside crown molding, on top of tall furniture, on top of valences or on top of ledges built into a ceiling cove. From these positions, it will be impossible to spot the fixtures directly, and they will have enough clearance to produce an ideal spread of illumination.

What hidden cove lights and concealed illumination sources does Phantom offer?

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra series of LED fixtures are the industry standard for what aesthetic fixtures can be. Because they use LED technology, they are extremely efficient, but Phantom’s LEDs are even more efficient than the standard diode fixture. In fact, Phantom’s LED fixtures are up to four times as efficient as competing models, ensuring cost-effective performance no matter how large an installation a home or business owner needs. The cost-effectiveness will eventually overcome the greater upfront cost that usually comes with LED fixtures.

The Elite and Ultra fixtures can also be customized to produce a range of color outputs, a level of versatility that LEDs could not bring until recently. This extra versatility renders incandescent and fluorescent fixtures obsolete, as their unique color temperature outputs were the only things warranting their usage. LED fixtures can now mimic the warm or cool tones of incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, so they can be in any intimate, professional or display setting. In short, there is no reason to select obsolete illumination technologies over Phantom’s advanced LED technologies.

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