How To Use A Surface Mount Art Projector

A surface mount art projector is a flexible, powerful way to light paintings, tapestries, lithographs, photographs, or anything else worth displaying. They are typically used to show off subjects placed on a wall, but they can also be effective for sculptures, models, books, pottery, and other items. The major difference between this fixture and recessed fixtures is that it does not install inside a ceiling or wall. Instead, it is adhered to a surface and needs minimal accommodation when placed. This will keep installation costs low and preserve the area surrounding the fixture. And it performs just as well as its recessed cousins, utilizing the same sophisticated technology that makes Phantom’s other projectors some of the best display fixtures on the market.

How can these fixtures be used for display purposes?

Phantom’s surface mount art projector is known as the SM series, and it is one of the few exposed display fixtures that Phantom offers. Some homeowners prefer concealed fixtures, as they can better blend into a room’s aesthetic, but many don’t feel strongly either way. Though the SM series is exposed, it is still compact and unassuming so that it won’t distract from the subject. And it can be placed in inconspicuous spots to reduce its presence further.

The SM series can be attached to a ceiling, a wall, or any other flat area, as long as it can be aimed at the subject. For example, if there is a clear angle toward the subject, the SM can be installed on top of a tall piece of furniture, like a cabinet or clock. In some cases, the light may not even be visible from most angles, and only becomes evident if a person gets a bird’s eye view of the space. This method is also effective at reducing glare off of the subject because furniture tends to be along the edges of a room. If the surface mount art projector fires from one side of the room, the glare will bounce off sharply to the side and remain out of sight from most viewing angles.

Like Phantom’s other optical framing fixtures, the SM series is ETL certified and made with top of the line materials. The fixture is made with lightweight, durable aluminum and is on an arm capable of near 360 degree rotation. And with a 120V step-down transformer, the light will be protected against short circuits and overlapping. The light inside the SM is a 75 watt, 12V halogen lamp ideal for rendering color in paintings and other creative subjects. And, of course, the SM series can be fitted with a mask to shape the light to the subject. Too much spill lighting can distract from a painting and overwhelm people with too much illumination. With a mask, the light will be confined to the subject and only illuminate the face of the painting. It’s an effect that few other lights can duplicate.