How Is Xenon Cabinet Lighting Helpful In A Home

Why do many homeowners prefer xenon cabinet lighting in their kitchens and display furniture?

How Is Xenon Cabinet Lighting Used In The Home?These gas discharge lamps are popular among homeowners because they can produce color hues that are similar to incandescent fixtures. For decades, incandescent bulbs were the standard and were loved for their inviting, intimate golden radiance. Phantom’s updated gas discharge fixtures become more golden as they are dimmed. At low levels, these fixtures produce a beautiful golden glow that’s easy to feel comfortable next to. However, these fixtures are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs, so they provide all of the beauty with lower operational costs.

How is xenon cabinet lighting used in the home?

This technology is popular in the kitchen, where it can be placed inside shelving or around kitchen furniture. When installed above the counter, it can provide a helpful source of task illumination that’s ideal for food preparation and additional visibility. In some homes, the kitchen remains a popular room in the middle of the night, so these fixtures can provide just enough illumination to see without waking up anyone else in the home.

These fixtures are also a popular option for displaying mementos or pieces of art on display shelving. The warm illumination a gas discharge lamp produces will bathe each item in an inviting glow. This will infuse additional life into each piece and will draw more interest than if they were sitting in the dark. Phantom offers a large variety of fixture designs that can be integrated into any furniture design. Phantom works with installers prior to installation to produce fixtures that are measured to fit perfectly. A snug fit will ensure an uninterrupted stream of illumination that will fill the space just right.

How is xenon cabinet lighting superior to incandescent technology?

Incandescent bulbs are notorious for their inefficiency because they use metal filaments to produce illumination. This outdated technology produces much more heat with its illumination, which wastes power and can cause temperatures inside the home to rise. Because these fixtures must be left on for long stretches of time, incandescent fixtures may result in an increased fire risk. Gas discharge lamps are also more reliable and last longer than incandescent bulbs, so they don’t have to be replaced as often. Finally, this technology is more modern so they can easily be replaced with newer fixtures when a homeowner decides to do so.

How easy is it to retrofit other fixtures onto this technology in the future?

LED technology is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because it possesses superior efficiency and can last for tens of thousands of hours before it needs to be replaced. LED fixtures are also highly customizable and can be designed in a range of color temperatures. Phantom’s LED fixtures are designed for an easy retrofit over its gas discharge lamp technology, so these fixtures can be exchanged out for each other at a moment’s notice. All that the installer needs to do is take out the gas discharge lamps and plug in the new LED fixtures.

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