How Do You Upgrade Your Home With Cove Lighting?

Every home has its own special twists and turns around the ceiling perimeter giving it individual character. Some ceilings rise way up such as in churches, while others hang at lower altitudes surrounding irregular angles. Many ceilings have overhangs, which can only stand out with proper illumination. Cove lighting is a great way to accent your home’s ceiling architecture and add a little touch of beauty into those dark places.

A Source of Indirect Lighting

Cove lighting is basically a type of indirect illumination. An indirect lighting system channels indoor light to ceiling level, and then reflects the light back down into the room. The problem with conventional indirect ceiling light fixtures is that they tend to direct illumination into a room unevenly. This results from high light levels located below the fixture, which usually dissipate as the illumination travels away from the fixture itself. To counteract this effect many people move the indirect light fixtures closer together or add more on to the ceiling. This is not the solution however. Following these procedures will cause an increase in energy use and create a source for reflective glare. Indirect illumination can solve these problems, and one of the ways to do this is through the use of custom cove lighting fixtures.

Make No Mistake About It

Phantom Lighting offers a unique way of going about your ceiling’s lighting theme. Their patented cove mount (CM) light strip series gives homeowners exactly, what he or she deserves when it comes to this type of lighting. Phantom LED and Xenon cove lighting strips are excellent in both residential and commercial settings.

Phantom’s light strips can be personally customized to fit into every nook and cranny your ceiling has to offer. Many builders make the common mistake of fabricating the cove too small. As a result illumination will not spread in an even fashion throughout the room, and hot spots from the lamps will also increase. Most examples will have the dimensions of a rain gutter. They should protrude about 4” from the wall and around 4” below the ceiling, along with a 2” trough. These are the minimum dimensions any cove should have. The greater the distance from the wall and down from the ceiling, the better the light will be spread out. A heavily depressed cove however, will inhibit the distribution of light and create unwanted shadows in your room. You can patch this up by installing blocks and moving the illumination source up or down during installation to achieve the most radiant light source.

Be sure not to use a lacquer finish or reflective wallpaper on your ceiling. Always use a non-reflective material or a matte finished paint in order to avoid catastrophic results. In addition always make sure that your cove is continuous and not bogged down with supports that would interfere with the beauty of Phantom lighting.

Phantom light strips are available in 0.6 watt  LED lamps, incandescent and Xenon lamps in 3, 5, or 10 watt bulbs. Compared to rope lights, which only offer about 5 watts per linear foot of lamp spacing, Phantom cove mount (CM) light strips gives the user the advantage of having 30 watts per foot. Large rooms benefit most from this unique high performance light output. Phantom cove mount (CM) light strips can also be cut to fit into the radius coves.

Another wonderful advantage of the Phantom light strip series is that there is no exposed wiring. Phantom is all about hiding the light source while giving your surroundings the radiant beauty it is entitled. Their lighting fixtures produce an even illumination source without the reflective glare or intrusive shadows unlike other products.

No Need To Hide Anymore

Your beautiful ceiling no longer has to remain an undiscovered secret. Phantom Cove Lighting offers its unique cove mount (CM) series to illuminate those unnoticed dark places. Customized, snug, and easy to install, Phantom will make all your lighting requirements flow smoothly. So let your ceilings gorgeous features shine in a new light with Phantom’s exquisite light strip design.

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