Installing Cove Lighting Using Standard Cove Molding

It is possible to get a sophisticated, beautiful look when installing cove lighting using standard cove molding. In fact, people can be fooled into thinking that such a project required a great deal of planning and custom work. Although, an experienced installer can typically set up the entire system in a matter of hours. And with high-quality fixtures, a homeowner can have their system configured to produce the exact look they want.

How will an installer set up cove lighting using standard cove molding?

Even in luxury homes with advanced architecture, there may be rooms where there is no concealment available for a set of strip fixtures. Bare walls won’t provide the proper staging area for the system, so additions have to be made to make space for the fixtures. In nearly all cases, these fixtures are installed close to the ceiling, so adding decorative molding along the top of the room is a natural choice.

Phantom can provide this addition to the room, and it’s usually a better idea to allow the fixture designer to set up the staging area for the fixtures as well. That’s because the designer best understands their fixture’s capabilities, and will set up an optimal environment for the system. For example, when Phantom builds a decorative surface for the fixtures, its technicians know exactly how to space the strips from the wall, and from the concealing trim itself. This ensures optimal illumination spread from their concealed spot.

In general, only minor infrastructure changes are needed to a space to set the system up. An outlet, also concealed by the decorative surface, will supply power to the strips, and once the wiring is run to the outlet, all that’s needed is to install the strips and set them up with the proper driver.

Once everything is built into the room, it will be impossible to see any of the system’s components, and the only evidence that the system is there will be the illumination that the fixtures produce.

How can cove lighting using standard cove molding make an aesthetic impact in a room?

Even without a set of strip fixtures, the addition of a decorative surface in the room will improve how the space looks and feels. Once the fixtures are switched on, though, the space will take on a completely different feel.

And Phantom’s strip fixtures can be configured to create any kind of feel that the homeowner could want. Both of Phantom’s LED strip models, the Elite and the Ultra, can be customized to produce a number of color outputs. If a homeowner wants something intimate and calm, they should consider warm fixtures, and bring them down with dimmer controls. If a homeowners wants a clean, modern look, neutral fixtures will work best. The fixtures can even be configured to produce a child’s favorite color, or a color that best matches the room’s scheme.

For a project that can offer such a powerful aesthetic punch, installing decorative fixtures is something that can be done quickly by an experienced firm.

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