Interior Cabinet Lighting Can Make A Huge Difference

Interior cabinet lighting might seem like an excess, like an unnecessary addition to the home, but it can make a massive impact on the home’s look and feel. And it’s not just about impressing visitors, either. After all, what’s more relaxing than curling up with a book while bathed in soft, warm illumination? Phantom’s display fixtures offer more than just a little extra visibility. They provide the kind of illumination that draws people in, and the kind of illumination that establishes a space. Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on putting together a collection or set of mementos. Such effort shouldn’t go to waste with cheap off-the-shelf fixtures, and imagine how happy relatives will be when they see their photos proudly shown off in an eye catching display.

What should a homeowner look for in interior cabinet lighting?

Find Interior Cabinet Lighting With Phantom

Above all things, the fixtures must be able to establish the display. This normally isn’t a problem, even with inferior fixtures, but what makes Phantom’s premium fixtures stand out is their flexibility. In general, illumination designers prefer display fixtures to be between two and three times brighter than ambient fixtures. The contrast in intensity ensures the display will stand out, so it is a major priority. This can be done by either increasing the power of the display fixtures, or reducing the level of ambient illumination. It’s a delicate process that is difficult to manage with cheap fixtures, especially because off-the-shelf products aren’t always compatible with simple dimmer controls, and dimmer controls can make the process much easier to manage. Of course, Phantom’s LED fixtures can be paired with dimmers, and they allow a homeowner to find that perfect level of brightness that works for their space.

Placement options are another perk of premium fixtures, and it’s this positional flexibility that ensures the illumination fits the display, and isn’t just being jammed into the setup. For the most part, Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED fixtures are installed above and in front of the shelving, because from this position, the front of the display will be illuminated and any shadows will be pushed down and out of the way. However, the fixtures have to be concealed to be installed in this spot, and Phantom does so with its aiming trims. Phantom offers several trim options, and each one provides a unique aperture through which the fixtures can shine. Some allow for wide beam spread, while others keep the fixtures confined to a narrower space. Which trim works best will depend on how the shelving is arranged and what items are being shown off.

Interior cabinet lighting, though, doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t fit around the shelving itself. That is another problem with cheaper fixtures, and if the homeowner doesn’t measure the shelving just right, they may be stuck with a set of fixtures that can’t be installed. Phantom’s LED strips are custom made for every project, as they can be cut at every four or six inches. This means that the fixtures are guaranteed to fit snugly right away, improving illumination metering.

Aesthetics are a major part of every home, and by opting for Phantom’s LED fixtures, a homeowner is investing in it.

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