LED Corner Cabinet Lighting Can Fix Over Heating Issues

Corner cabinets can be lit more efficiently and more effectively than ever with new LED festoon lamps that solve the following problems that previously plagued LED lighting:

• heat buildup,
• limited lumen output, and
• color temperature limitations

Heat buildup is the number one enemy of corner cabinet lighting.

Many of these display cases are ornamentally designed with doors that have glass windows in the front. This compounds heat exponentially.  Festoon lamps operating at full power for only a short period of time will invariably produce a tremendous amount of heat within the display.

Phantom overcomes this problem by introducing the first corner cabinet lighting LED festoon lamps ever made that produce no unwanted heat.

This is due to our unique design that incorporates six very small LED’s into one single festoon lamp. The combined power usage of all six LED’s is only 0.6 watt comparing other festoon light sources. Consequently, each lamp operates at less than one BTU of heat.

You can literally leave these lights on all day, and all night, and never overheat your cabinet.

You might think that something so cool burning would be weak in light emission. This is not the case.  The advanced engineering of the Phantom LED corner cabinet lighting festoon lamps ensures that the combined output is 44-50 lumens in strength.

This makes our festoons equal to xenon in home cabinet lighting intensity.

Collectors and interior decorators will immediately realize the advantage in this feature.  LED color temperatures have historically been challenged by the nature of diode design itself.  LEDs produce light in a very different manner than incandescent light sources and often fail to illuminate the entire cabinet interior with an even distribution of luminance.

However, with Phantom’s LED festoon advantages and precision-engineered trim options and glare shields, a warm glow fills the spaces between shelves and wraps around collectibles on display.  This constitutes aesthetic value in its own right, because the fine colors and grains of wood are more brilliantly enhanced by a field of light that shines into the cabinet from concealed linear strips.

The color temperature of LED corner cabinet lighting has also evolved to provide a viable substitute for xenon and incandescent lighting.

Phantom Lightings new festoons are available in 2700K, 3500K and 5000K.  These range of color temperature from the ultra-warm to the ultra-cool the makes it possible to showcase any corner cabinet collection with an appropriate CRI index that brings out the truest and most accurate rendition of an objects natural textures and shades.

Additional benefits of Phantom LED cabinet lighting retrofits include full range dimming, low-voltage operation, and backward compatibility that allows them to be used in previously installed linear strips.

Superior lighting effects can be achieved by manually adjusting user-friendly dimmer controls that control hidden transformers that power the strip lights.  The savings curve on these lights is enormous.  They use only 10 percent as much power as standard cabinet lights.

Keep in mind as well that Phantom is a decorator-friendly residential lighting manufacturer that continues to provide incandescent and xenon-based cabinet lighting solutions on request.  We also manufacture six different types of framing projectors for high-end art lighting and sculpture lighting applications.

We invite you to contact us online or toll free at 800-863-1184 to learn more about our cabinet lighting systems.

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