LED Festoon Lamps For Strip Lighting Systems

Phantom Lighting announced LED festoon strip lighting system at Light Fair 2007 in New York.  The festoon strip lighting system offers more options for uniqueness and customization than any technology currently on the market.  Low voltage LED strip lighting not only saves on energy costs, but it also maximizes fine art color rendering with no harmful affects to canvas or paints whatsoever.    LED strip lighting systems adapt to all shelving and cove lighting environments and produce superior glare free lighting without visible intrusion into viewing angles.

Collectors often encounter odd angles and sizes in finer bookcases, cabinets, and furniture
.  This is because the highest level of quality also means one of a kind customization that deviates from generic measurements.  Such individuals quickly see the value in Phantom LED Light Fixtures that can adapt to fit any size bookcase, fine china cabinet, and ornamental furniture.  Phantom LED Light fixtures are the only strip lights on the market that utilize patented, adjustable shelf concept.  This eliminates visible wiring and transmits a safe low voltage current through shelf standards and mounting clips.

Phantom LED light fixtures generate very little heat and no harmful UV rays
.  This allows the collector to leave the lights on for long periods of time so fine art remains illuminated with a magical effect throughout daytime and late night hours.  The high color rendering of these fixtures combined with the elimination of ultraviolet light allows for continual illumination without risk of damage to sensitive art.  Phantom LED light fixtures operate at 12 VAC or 24 VAC on magnetic transformers only.  This offers added value to the festoon system as an energy-efficient solution.  The festoon system can safely and cost effectively light an entire collections or even multiple collections in a number of rooms without the risk of heating or excessive expenditure of energy.

The festoon phantom led strip lighting system optimizes illumination with an almost invisible presence
.  True to their name, phantom led strip light fixtures feature custom metal strips designed specifically for horizontal, vertical, or cove lighting applications.  Regardless of the shelving or housing utilized for showcasing, phantom led strip lights adapt to a variety of surfaced wiring methods on any number of sizes of antique furniture and existing cabinets.  Power leads that feature varying lengths and configuration ensure all wiring is hidden.  Phantom LED light fixtures feature built-in glare shields that all but eliminate seeing the lamps from severe viewing angles.  All Phantom LED lamps have a 120 degree beam spread for smooth, even illumination, and they can be customized for 60-degree beam spread by special order.

With unrivalled adaptability, these lights can shine brighter with less heat than any DC equivalent and optimize the beauty innate in illuminated art.  Contact us or call us at 800-863-1133 today!