LED Festoon Lamps

Buy LED Festoon LampsPhantom offers a number of highly versatile fixtures, but its LED festoon lamps may be the most versatile available anywhere. Every lamp consists of six diodes placed in a tight, organized pattern that produces a focused beam of illumination. This unique design makes Phantom’s diode fixtures extremely useful in retrofit applications. Homeowners don’t have to waste effort accommodating these lamps as they can quickly replace less effective xenon or incandescent bulbs.

Diode technology is fast becoming the industry standard, as it offers a number of advantages over previous illumination technologies. LED festoon lamps are compact, long-lived and highly efficient, giving them a serious performance edge over incandescent or xenon technologies. Phantom’s diode fixtures are even more efficient than competing products. So efficient, in fact, that they produce almost zero radiant heat. This is important for safety reasons, as many homeowners use xenon and incandescent bulbs to display their precious keepsakes. These technologies, however, produce a lot of heat and can damage anything they are meant to display. This is not a problem with Phantom’s diode fixtures.

Phantom’s diodes can be retrofitted into nearly any existing system, from small display cabinet applications to huge commercial cove installations. No new strips need to be set during the retrofitting process, either. Instead, the xenon or incandescent bulbs are removed from the existing strips and Phantom’s diode lamps are placed in their spot. Retrofitting, therefore, is an economical way for businesses, clubs, museums, galleries or other large venues to get the superior look and efficiency of diode technology.

At 0.6 watts each, Phantom’s diodes offer an unmatched watt to lumen ratio. They are compatible with both 12VAC and 24VAC systems, so they are perfectly safe as well. With such low wattage, many diodes can be powered using either system, though a 24VAC supply can provide enough current for large commercial applications. Their safe wattage levels also make them easier and safer for maintenance technicians to work on them.

Phantom’s LED festoon lamps are made from the best materials available and made by manufacturers who employ rigorous product testing. One of the challenges with diode lamps is the manufacturing process. During construction, it is difficult to control the lamp’s final output power or color. While many suppliers are okay with passing on this inconsistency to their consumers, Phantom does everything possible to remove it. Phantom buys from manufacturers that use strict binning methods to classify their products by output and color. This allows Phantom to only select the diodes that conform to their high standards. Because of these standards, a consumer can expect the same level of performance and the same look from every diode lamp Phantom sells.

Integrating modern illumination into a home or business may seem like an overwhelming chore, but Phantom’s diode lamps keep the process simple and affordable.

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