LED Furniture Cabinet Lighting Choices Draws In Attention

New LED furniture lighting choices by Phantom Lighting make it possible to light any wine rack, display case, antique cabinet, custom kitchen cabinet, armoire, or secretary with custom-designed, heat free light sources. Though they look like just like traditional incandescent and xenon sources, they now operate at a whole new level of advanced technology and aesthetic sophistication.

One of the most important advancements in lighting technology that these new cabinet lights represent is the ability to render color at the level of preceding technologies. Because most cabinets were assembled under incandescent light, their colors are best rendered by an LED furniture lighting source capable of rendering color at near-equal or even equal levels to that of incandescent and xenon.

Phantom festoon lamps are now available in the full spectrum of color temperature ranges, moving from 5,000K on the ultra cool end, to 2,700K on the ultra warm end. Designers can choose any number of display lighting options between these two color palettes to bring out the very finest aspects of furniture color and finish.

It is also necessary to accommodate the creativity of carpenters and cabinet makers who often build cabinets to order, or who build them to emulate specific historical periods and styles. Such pieces are not designed with the convenience of the lighting designer in mind, but rather with the aesthetic tastes of the individual collector. As an accent lighting tool, LED furniture lighting must therefore be highly adaptive to the many challenging and complex mounting requirements that must be faced when illuminating these cabinets.

Light must be evenly distributed across shelves and uniformly fill the spaces between shelves. This requires a lumen output that is at least equal to that of incandescent-based lamps of the past. It also requires varying options in trim and glare shields that control the angle of incidence from which the light shines from the strip into the cabinet interior.

Phantom accommodates any cabinet lighting installation by mounting its festoons on custom-made strips that are cut to fit the precise dimensions of each individual cabinet. These linear strips are either vertically mounted or horizontally mounted, depending on cabinet design. This allows our LED furniture lighting products to be adapted to any cabinet in existence provided it does not have a mirrored backplane that would produce reflective glare.

Last, and most importantly, new LED lamp technology has resulted in the creation of a lamp so energy efficient that it can produce up to 50 lumens of light at less than 1 watt of power. In layman’s terms, this means it is as bright as xenon, and virtually heat free. This means that if you have a cabinet with doors decorated with glass windows, you can leave the lights on for as long as you wish without risk of overheating your lamps, cabinet, or collectibles.

Fine cabinets represent some of the best pieces of furniture in your home. In a very real sense, they are true works of art in their own right, and they are frequently displayed in the best rooms of the home. Due to the fact that these cabinets are made of the highest quality of wood, stained, and finished to a high level of perfection, it is necessary to treat them with the highest respect when investing in furniture lighting options.

In addition to LED furniture lighting, Phantom also manufactures six models of Contour Projectors for fine art and sculpture lighting. Of course we still continue to offer antique corner cabinet lighting, display lighting, LED under cabinet lighting, and LED cove lighting solutions in xenon and incandescent configurations when so requested by our clients and partners in lighting design, architecture, home building, and interior decorating.