LED Jewelry Display Lighting Deserve The Best Light Possible

Jewelry display lighting requires impeccable luminance that will accent both the cut of the gemstone and its color. Jewelry is displayed against a black background in order to draw the maximum attention to the stones. The light source must be evenly distributed throughout the case, and it must be bright enough to make the jewels sparkle. For these and a number of other reasons, the very best led color temperature to use for jewelry display lighting is 5,000K.

The 5000K Phantom LED festoon lamp produces a crisper, whiter tone of light.  It is, in fact, the whitest light possible. This ensures that only the natural color of the jewel is what your customers are going to see. If you are lighting diamonds, the intense whiteness of the light is also going to ensure that the diamond brightly sparkles along its cut.

Not only does the Phantom 5000K offer the best LED color temperature, but it also offers a number of other advantages as well for accent lighting. These advantages include superior performance, heat free operation, and anticipated product lifespan.

The first of these benefits is a much brighter light than that produced by other LED festoons. The Phantom LED lamp emits up to five times the light of standard LED lamps. In essence, the Phantom lamp is roughly equivocal to a 7 watt Xenon festoon lamp.

There is a very good reason why this is so. Competing LED lamps of the same LED color temperature use either Toppled LED bulbs or 5mm bulbs. Each bulb only emits up to 1.5 lumens. When there are only 5 bulbs, the maximum amount of such festoons produce is 10 lumens. This is not bright enough for the demands of jewelry display lighting. The 5-10 lumens competing LED lamps emit will not sufficiently bring out all sharp details in diamonds, nor is it bright enough to penetrate the translucent depths of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

The Phantom festoon lamp is much more suited to this task because we use more powerful LED bulbs that combine tight lumen and color binning. Our lamps emit 5 times the amount of light as competing models.

For those of you who have used xenon lighting for jewelry display lighting, think of one Phantom LED festoon lamp as being equivalent in light output as a 7 watt incandescent or Xenon festoon lamp. At the same time, each of our festoons uses less than 1 watt of power to produce the best LED color temperature for jewelry display lighting. They are also engineered with heat sincs that dissipate forward throw heat and allow you to operate them for longer periods of time at maximum brightness settings.

The Phantom 5000K led color temperature festoon is intended to fully replace both incandescent and Xenon festoon lamps. Additionally, the Phantom LED festoon features a beam spread of 120 degrees. This is ideal for keeping light evenly distributed over every item in the case.

LED festoons can be retrofitted to most existing linear cabinet lighting strips as well. Their anticipated lamp life is 50,000 hour, compared to 7,500 hours for incandescent lamps and possibly 20,000 hours only for Xenon festoon lamps.

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