LED Lamps Can Be Beneficial

LED Lamps have already changed the world of decorative lighting.  Décor is essential to the enhancement and impeccable presentation of interior architecture and design.  Previous to the rise of LED lamps, however, décor always came with a rather hefty price tag.  Not only did incandescent sources consume more electricity and thus cost more money to operate, but these lamps also increased cooling costs by making the room noticeably warmer.

One watt of power equals 1 BTU in heat output.  When you add up the total wattage of any decorative lighting system like cove lighting or cabinet lighting, you can quickly see how this can significantly increase overhead in only a short amount of time.

When LED lamps emerged, decorative lighting became cost effective from an electrical perspective and to a certain extent, from a cooling costs perspective.  LED’s do not generate heat, however, the printed circuit boards that power the lamps do.  There has still always been a heat issue even with the best of this new technology—until now.

Phantom Lighting’s new LED lamp is an extraordinary leap forward in technology in two respects.  First, it operates at LESS than 1 watt of power, meaning that it outputs only negligible amounts of heat.  Secondly, its 6-bulb design emits a more even distribution of light and is characterized by a better blend of color temperature.

The application power of these lamps is universal.  LED replacement lamps are engineered to retrofit a wide variety of linear strip lighting fixtures made by a diversity of lighting manufacturers.  This means that organizations who may have bought their cove lights, display cabinet lights, or bookshelf lights from a manufacturer other than Phantom will not likely have to replace the actual physical fixtures they purchased.  They only need remove the original lamps and replace these with Phantom LED lamps.

Regardless of whether or not the fixtures operate at 12V or 24V, Phantom festoons will adapt to both the new strip and the new transformer an start saving money the day they are installed.  These lamps are ideal for hard to reach cove lighting applications, nautical or aviation needs, sensitive display lighting job, under cabinets or any installation that requires a high performance lighting solution.

The light output of Phantom LED lamps is unrivaled in decorative lighting technology.  Most competitors design festoons using 5mm, “Toppled” LEDs.  Each one of these bulbs may only emit 1 or possibly 1.5 lumens.  Add them up and the most you will get out of such a festoon is 10 lumens maximum.  This is far weaker than incandescent and xenon and often causes a homeowner or procurement manager to think twice about investing in LED.

With Phantom, however, it is possible to have the same lumens output as incandescent and xenon sources without the additional costs.  Our LED energy saving lamps emit 5 times the light as other festoons, so in terms of brightness, they are equivalent to traditional lamps.

Phantom LEDs can work on any 12V or 24V magnetic transformer with no need to rewire the existing system.  They operate at a CRI of 80 and produce a beam spread of 120 degrees.  Color temperatures (see comparison chart) of 3500K, cool white 5000K, and 2700K are available.  They also have a 50,000 hour average lamp life as compared to 7,500 hours for incandescent lamps and up to 20,000 hours for Xenon festoon lamps.

Contact Phantom Lighting toll-Free at 1-800-863-1184.  Speak to a representative today about specific LED strip lighting series and the many aesthetic and practical benefits that led light bulbs add to display and LED cabinet lighting on all levels of function and form.

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