LED Optical Framing Projector With Float Finish Housing

The Phantom LED Optical Framing Projector with Float Finish Housing is recessed into new or existing ceilings.

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When it comes to professional lighting art, nothing is more impressive or visually effective than an optical framing projector. A hidden light source with a controlled beam of light precisely illuminates the canvas. Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so that anyone can complete the install.

The patented mounting methods, simplified optical system and the ability to use both shutters and custom templates make this one of the most versatile and awesome low voltage art lighting fixtures on the market today. By shaping the light to only the canvas, the art takes on a “Lighted from within” look that can only be seen to appreciate.

The options we offer make this LED projector one of the most versatile and best art lighting fixtures on the market today.

The Phantom LED Optical Framing Projector FFL Series (float finish or zero sight line) housing is used for custom applications when attic access may not be available but primarily when a visible cover plate would be inappropriate for the ceiling finish.  The result is an inconspicuous penetration of the ceiling that is virtually invisible once installed and the float ring is finished and painted to match the ceiling.

When you buy a Phantom Contour Projector, you get everything in the box you need for a successful installation!  Not to mention world class customer service to assist  you before and after the sale! 

All standard models include (1) UL Approved housing, (1)  preassembled contour projector, (1) XHP70 3000K LED lamp, (2) 39mm focal lenses, (2) 60mm condensing lenses, (1) focal tube, (3) assorted masking shutters, mounting hardware and detailed instructions.  We offer optional accessories that can be selected to customize your order if so desired.

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