LED Optical Framing Projectors – See the Light. Not the Fixture


A Phantom can be described as an appearance or illusion without material substance – an effect without an apparent cause – and our art lighting fixtures mimic this phenomena. They are not intended to be visible to the viewer, but to unobtrusively make paintings and sculptures more visible, distinct and luminous. Your artwork will appear as though it was lighted from within, creating a spectacular visual display.


For years, manufacturers have used halogen light sources in optical framing projectors to produce the best light possible. With the evolution and advancements in LED technology, halogen light sources are now less desirable and being discontinued. As leaders in fine art lighting, we have solved this dilemma and engineered a high performance LED light engine that exceeds its halogen predecessor in every aspect. With impressive light levels, outstanding lamp life, significant heat reduction and superior optics, now is the best time to consider putting your artwork into the perfectly shaped light! For our existing customers, LED CONVERSION KITS are available for all projector models. Everything you need to update your existing projector from halogen to LED is in the box: LED light engine, achromatic lenses, complete electrical assembly and detailed instructions.


Concentric Parabolic Concentrator
Aluminum Heat Sink
Active DC Cooling Fan
CREE© XHP70 (Extreme High Power)
3000K Color Temperature at 90+ CRI
30,000 Hour Average Lamp Life
Conforms to UL STD 1598 & 1598C

Only LED Optical Framing Projector Available – Proprietary Design



Our projectors contain a high-performance variable optics system, made up of both focal and condensing lenses, designed to work in most applications. The focal lenses are achromatic, which means they are specifically designed to combine wavelengths of color, producing a sharp edge without any spectral abnormalities.

We offer two standard focal lens combinations that are optimized for short and long throw art lighting applications. However, we recognize that some installations may require custom combinations to achieve extremely wide or very narrow beam patterns. Just let us know your requirements and we will design a custom solution for you!


To accommodate art of all shapes and sizes, there are three masking methods available for the LED Contour Projector: standard aluminum shutters for square or rectangular artworks, custom-cut brass templates for multiple or irregularly shaped artworks, and stainless steel gobos (Rosco© Type M) for complex, patterned or theatrical lighting effects.


Our projector is powered by an energy efficient auto-sensing 120-277V, 50/60Hz, 1750mA constant current electronic LED driver, tri-dimming (MLV forward phase, ELV reverse phase, 0-10V) and a non-dimming 12VDC fan power supply. Optional on-board 0-10V dimmer control available for setting individual output levels.



To light an oversized piece of art, begin by using one projector to light one half of the piece, then install a second projector to cover the other half. Finally, use our masking methods to sculpt the light to the exact shape of your art.


The art world is full of uniquity, not only in subject matter, but in size and shape as well. We specialize in the illumination of sculptures and unusually shaped pieces. To the right is an example of a hand-cut custom brass template, paired with our LED optical framing projector, designed to precisely illuminate your fine art of any shape & not the walls behind it.



With four low-profile recessed housings and a sleek contemporary surface mount option, Phantom’s new LED Contour Projectors are designed to fit seamlessly into any residential or commercial setting. All models are ETL/CSA Approved and IC Rated for contact with all insulation types.

Our patented round remodeler housing is the only one of its kind on the market today! The unique design allows for installation in existing homes without the need for patching and painting. All housings come with standard slotted cover plate with optional pinhole trims available for vertical applications.


Phantom Lighting is known for world-class customer support. Installing our framing projectors is easier than you think and we are here to help you every step of the way. Let us help you find the best location for your projector in the ceiling, avoid frame shadows and identify issues with glare from reflective works. Give us a call at (800) 863-1184 for a free consultation.