LED Phantom Strip Lights Are Ideal For Showcase Lighting

LED strip lights provide an ideal source of showcase lighting in any situation involving heat sensitive items. Materials such as makeup, textiles, foods, produce, can quickly deteriorate when exposed to forward radiant heat and/or ultraviolet light. Phantom LED festoon light strips generate only a small fraction of the heat of incandescent or Xenon equivalents, with the radiant heat of each individual lamp being roughly equivalent to one-half that of a 1 watt light bulb. This makes them not only well-suited for various forms of retail showcasing, but also for museum lighting of historical documents, antiques, and ancient artifacts.  Jewelry stores are among the most avid commercial clients of Phantom Lighting. They prefer our LED strip lights above competing equivalents due to the high level of color temperature precision our technology offers. Phantom LED cabinet lights include warm tone emulating incandescent or Xenon, warm white and daylight. Two or more of these colors can be mixed together to achieve any number of effects required for bringing out the exquisite details of a fine cut diamond, or to highlight the intricate patterns carved in gold or silver bracelets and pendants.

Over the past decade, we have also seen a growing demand for LED strip lights in cove lighting design work. LED Cove lighting requires both an optimal beam spread and a high lumen output that can dispel all shadows along a curved surface. Because it can be such a chore to replace cove lights when they fail, a longer lamp life is preferred in order to curtail maintenance costs. Furthermore, because cove lights tend to remain on for longer periods of time than task lights, it serves a budget well to use an energy efficient light source. Phantom led lights strips fulfill all of these requirements. With only 0.6 watts of power, the Phantom LED lamp is designed to ultimately replace all 3, 5, and 10 watt incandescent and festoon lamps by minimizing current without sacrificing light intensity. Lumens output ranges from 42 on the low end to 50 on the high end—roughly the equivalent of a 5 to 7 watt festoon. Installation of Phantom LED light strips in hard to reach places is also much easier than other products allow. This is because Phantom custom manufactures each and every LED strip light pre-cut to the exact dimensions of the ceiling, vault, or cove.

Phantom LED strip light bulbs have also worked their way into larger industrial spaces as power savers and key components to LEEDS certification. In areas where scaffolding or man lifts must be used to service cove lighting systems in hard to reach areas or tall ceilings, Phantom LED light lamps reduce costs by exponentially reducing lamp replacement cycles. No other festoon bulb offers longevity comparable to a Phantom’s 50,000-hour lamp life.  Incandescents burn out after approximately 7,500 hours and Xenon’s after about 20,000 hours. Incandescents and Xenon festoons also consume more power and emit less light. Competitor LED’s offer similarly long bulb life, but they output no more than 5-10 lumens–insufficient for effective industrial lighting.

Residential clients by far prefer Phantom to competing linear strip lights because Phantom products assumes the most unobtrusive position and are practically unnoticed by the observer’s eye. Because they operate at lower amperage loads, Phantom LED strip lights allow for smaller gauge wiring that is practically invisible, eliminating voltage drop issues. Phantom AE Series linear strips utilize existing metal shelf standards for conducting power and eliminate the need for additional, visible wiring. When Phantom LED energy saving strip lights are installed, no special tools or service calls are needed to adjust shelving because the shelf standards themselves provide the necessary points of contact for safe, uninterrupted electrical flow. Phantom linear strips are designed for either horizontal or vertical mounting to ensure an even distribution of light within the enclosed surface. This is important for individuals displaying collectibles and antiques, because it is necessary to “wash” the entirety of a display case with light in order to dispel shadows. LED strip lights are also ideal for under cabinet lighting in kitchens, butler’s pantries or offices where radiant heat created by halogen or xenon sources is undesirable.

Phantom distributes six lines of LED strip festoon lights throughout the Western Hemisphere and works with both commercial lighting firms and private end users. Contact us to find a lighting manufacturers representative in your area, or simply call 1-800-863-1184 to see LED technology in a whole new light. Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Austin TX, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, San Antonio TX, Wendel California, Miami Florida, Atlanta Georgia, and Culver City California.