LED Replacement Lamps

LED Replacement Lamps For 12V & 24V Bulbs For Strip Lighting

Recent improvements in diode-based lighting are producing a warmer light color as opposed to the blue white associated with early LED lamps. This now makes it possible for strip lighting users to slash the cost of linear strip retrofitting with LED replacement bulbs. When possible, it makes more sense to simply keep the existing lighting strip and to upgrade with LED bulbs. The replacement costs of new lamps are significantly less than the expenses involved with retrofitting entire strip lighting systems, and LED festoons are easy to install—provided that the existing linear strip operates on 12VAC or 24VAC transformer.

LED replacement lamps use less power than incandescent and Xenon festoons, and they produce no harmful UV rays. With only trace signatures of heat, they have become a favorite for retailers that showcase sensitive items in merchandising display cases. A Phantom LED replacement bulb will use only 10% of the energy required by an incandescent bulb, and thus represents a significant decrease in power costs regardless that quickly return one’s initial procurement investment. Companies seeking to obtain LEEDS certification can also lower their watts per square foot calculation by replacing incandescent and Xenon festoon lamps with Phantom LED’s. These lamps snap easily into place and do not require a technician to install.

Phantom LED replacement lamps offer a versatile and advantages strip lighting upgrade product with a key design feature unique to the advanced engineering of the lamp. LED bulbs are generally DC-powered light sources that require direct current inverters to operate on AC wiring systems. This often complicates what would otherwise be a simple upgrade with additional equipment demands that cost larger sums of money and present design challenges with bulky equipment that is hard to conceal. This is not so with Phantom cabinet light strips and Phantom cove lighting. We selected our LED replacement energy saving lamps to work on existing AC linear strips with a compact, easily concealed metal transformer. We also specified these lamps with a higher quality LED replacement bulb than the type normally found in competitor lamps. Many of the lower grade diodes made by other companies produce dimmer levels of light that sacrifice quality to achieve cost savings. On the other hand, Phantom uses a much higher-grade lamp with an output range of 42 lumens on the low end to 50 lumens on the high end. This is 5 times higher than any lamp designed with LED replacement bulbs and perfect for 12 volt or 24 volt LED home lighting.

The superior advantages delivered by Phantom bulb replacements are primarily due to the unique engineering used to design festoon LED lamps. Each unit consists of six diodes placed in close proximity to one another that generate a combined, radiant field of high intensity, low-voltage light. These LED’s operate at minimal amperage levels and are specifically intended to ultimately replace 5-7 watt incandescent and Xenon festoons altogether. Because they do not require DC inverters, and because they replace larger transformers and dimmers with much smaller equivalents, Phantom LED bulb replacements constitute a synthesis of high intensity lighting and low-profile design. At only 0.6 watts, a Phantom 2700K LED festoon lamp generates the same luminosity as a 7-watt festoon while at the same time reducing power consumption by 400%! This makes Phantom bulbs the preferred LED replacement favored by designers seeking to maximize aesthetics by minimizing fixture visibility. At 50,000 average hours LED replacements reduce lamping cycles over incandescent festoon lamps by 500% and xenon festoon lamps by 200%. It is not uncommon for our LED strip lighting lamps to perform consistently at optimal levels for up to ten years.

Contact us toll free now at 1-800-863-1184 for more information how upgrading with LED technology can bring new light to your home or office at only a fraction of the cost of retrofitting. Any of our lighting sales representatives would be delighted to provide a sample LED lamp or to set up a demonstration. See for yourself the many benefits of Phantom LED lamp technology by visiting our virtual lighting showroom gallery.

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