Lighting Fine Art With A Contour Projector

When it comes to fine art lighting, Phantom Contour Projectors offer the full gamut of choice and sophisticated accents found nowhere else in the lighting design industry.

Multiple Contour housings allow for a variety of low-profile mounts. Sophisticated filtered light protects and beautifies each work of art it touches. A unique effect is produced when this recessed picture light hits the subject, making our product the only one of its kind that can literally make a painting or a sculpture “glow” with a special radiance.

Phantom Contour Projectors are powered by halogen lamps. Filtered halogen light of this type is the best source of fine art lighting.

Natural sunlight is the enemy of fine art because it contains ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths that will dry out canvases and discolor oil paints. Halogen offers a very distinct advantage when it comes to rendering a wide range of colors. A 75W halogen bulb, such as the type used in Phantom Contour Projectors, can brilliantly illuminate anything from acrylics, pastels, high-quality watercolors, and vintage oil paintings.

This lamp was originally developed for use in the fiber optic industry, which requires the highest level of detailed, focused light.

Average lamp life is 4,000 hours, so collectors do not have to worry about replacing bulbs very often. In addition, the light passes through a sophisticated filter that strips it of any damaging wavelengths of light, rendering it safe and highly effective in bringing out details down to the finest brush strokes.

The Contour Projector is the most sophisticated method of fine art lighting.

It is manufactured in four distinctive housing styles that allow it to mount unobtrusively in the ceiling. Most models go inside the ceiling like recessed lights, but are even more concealed due to the unique designs that allow them to seamlessly blend with their surroundings. The only exception to this is the SM series, which is designed for mounting to surfaces where recessed mounting is not possible.

The Phantom Contour Projector can also be adjusted so that the light precisely matches the dimensions of the subject.

This is very important when lighting a fine painting. Too broad a light beam will spill onto the wall around the painting, and too narrow a light will fail to completely illuminate the canvas. With Phantom, however, fine art lighting can be customized to each individual work of art. Only the scene within the painting will be illuminated, making its stand out with great significance.

Light from our projectors also adds a unique quality to paintings.

This is known as the “lighted from within” effect. Because the size and intensity of the beam are so precisely adjusted to fit the individual painting, you do not see the typical stream of light that you often see coming from less sophisticated equipment. Instead, what you see instead is an aura of light that appears to emanate from within the scene.

Fine art lighting by Phantom includes more than lighting your favorite paintings.

Due to the way that its light can be shaped to fit the subject, the Contour Projector can also be used to light sculptures and non-rectilinear pieces of art. The aperture can be adjusted to conform the light to the shape of the piece and eliminate spill light around it. The “lighted from within” effect gives the piece a truly distinctive appearance.

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