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Phantom can help with dazzling cabinet lighting ideas for any purpose. Perhaps it is time to properly display that extravagant collection of Hummel figurines, pay overdue respect to a selection of antique collector plates, showcase that exquisite china or illuminate a library of priceless books. No matter what type of treasure is at the center of the exhibit, cabinet lighting ideas can accentuate its unique splendor. Perhaps the intent is to increase visibility for a work surface, such as kitchen countertops. Phantom’s cabinet lighting ideas and products can help in this scenario as well, maintaining both functionality and aesthetics. The company’s product lines present high-quality solutions in numerous categories for a perfect fit and look every time.

The source of illumination for Phantom’s cabinet lighting ideas may implement LED, incandescent or xenon festoon lamps, depending on the application type and desired look. In every case, consumers can rest easy in the knowledge that the fixture is designed to be practically invisible from any angle, singularly focusing on the riches displayed within the cabinetry.


Phantom AC (adjustable concealed) strip lamps are the ideal method of delivering alluring luminescence to shelving products that features support pins and drill holes instead of the more traditional exposed support brackets. An excellent solution for commercial applications that demand energy code compliance, AC strips are energy efficient and suitable for use with dimmers to prolong lamp life. Available with multiple color, trim and glare shield options, this product ensures perfectly controlled illumination by a fixture that is hidden from view.


The Phantom HM (horizontal mount) series consists of strip illumination manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications. Dimmable and available in a variety of color options and trim shapes, this product is the optimal solution for use on free-standing furniture, built-in shelving that is not adjustable and antiques. HM strips are energy efficient and feature customizable wiring methods to ensure a seamless integration.


Linear strip lamps offer the perfect illumination source for unique pieces of furniture such as hardwood bookcases, hutches, cupboards and bureaus. Expert agents assess the piece in person and determine whether vertical or horizontal mounting is best-suited for the situation. They will also recommend the most appropriate place to mount the lamping and ultimately custom-design the perfect illumination without any alterations to the furniture itself.


Corner cupboards are unique in their illumination requirements. Because of their shape and location in the home, special consideration must be given to color temperature and heat output. Low-watt illumination is especially important for those often tightly enclosed spaces to avoid excessive heat build-up and appropriate ambience. LED lamps are today’s preferred source of corner furniture illumination, but xenon or incandescent technologies are still a viable option when used in combination with dimmer controls.

Puck lamps and fluorescents have dominated kitchen and under cabinet lighting for years but are no longer the only modern solution. Pucks create pools of light that may not always deliver seamless illumination. Fluorescents, on the other hand, often produce a harsh glare. Strip lamps with incandescent festoons are today’s preferred method to create a functional yet attractive work surface.

Whatever the individual situation demands, Phantom agents are available to present customers with a variety of cabinet lighting solutions and ideas.

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