Lighting Manufacturer Sales Reps Act As Consultants

They act as lighting design and planning consultants, procurement specialists, installation coordinators, and the first line of technical support. Phantom manufacturing reps have spent many years training in both phone-based and face-to-face consulting, in-depth project planning, and technical savvy. As our Agent network continues to expand throughout North, Central, and South America, Phantom lighting representatives increasingly distinguish themselves as ambassadors of knowledge, aesthetic tastes, economic practicality, and goodwill toward clients.

Knowledge Base

Phantom manufacturer sales representatives work very hard to build and maintain a multi-specialized knowledge base. Lighting technology itself is far more complicated than most people realize, and a true expert in lighting fixtures is also an expert in electrical design, magnetic transformers and low voltage technology, lamping configurations, and bulb types. This technical skill set forms the foundation upon which the Phantom manufacturing sales rep builds a commercial or residential lighting design.

Lighting design by lighting fixture manufacturer sales representatives springs from many years of cross training in commercial and residential interior decorating. It is necessary for our agents to handle the planning phase of design for two reasons. First, it ensures that the proposed design and the manufactured end product fit together hand in glove. Secondly, it makes it easier for contractors to safely configure and install the fixtures themselves because our manufacturer sales representatives have already laid the groundwork for them.

Architectural expertise comes into play during the design-planning phase of consultation. Interior architecture often features custom designs that require careful scrutiny and special customization of Phantom products. Sales reps itemize these nuances and feed the information to manufacturing so true fit is created at the factory level.

Consultation Strategy

Sales representatives for Phantom manufacturing are renown for their consultations skills and accent lighting tools. In reality, they do very little “selling” in the traditional sense. Rather, agents have been trained to listen very carefully to client desires and to meticulously examine commercial and residential environments. Detailed assessment is paramount prior to choosing any equipment.

We are fully convinced that our Phantom Contour Projectors and our Phantom Linear Strip Lights are the best products of their kind in the world. What happens, though, when the client really doesn’t need a projector or a strip light?

Honesty happens. Phantom manufacturer sales reps are ethically bound to decline the bid if at any point they see that other types of fixtures will serve a client more effectively.

This doesn’t happen very often, however. Our products are highly adaptive to virtually any fine art lighting or display cabinet lighting need, and our energy efficiency and superior lighting controls are second to none.

Liaison Services

Once our sales representatives determine that Phantom products are a fit for the needs at hand, manufacturing is then fed the details of client consultation, design plans, and data collected from the environmental analysis. This allows the factory to custom build each item specific to a client’s office or home, and even fine tune the product to specific lighting requirements.

Phantom manufacturing sales representatives also coordinate procurement, shipping, and installation of our products. This service is provided both as a courtesy to our clients and as a guarantor of product quality. Customized, sensitive equipment must be shipped, handled, and installed by qualified professionals.

Phantom sales representatives know how to arrange for delivery and how to locate the right professionals in the area that can handle the physical installation of projectors and lighting strips.

Technical Support

Phantom manufacturing sales reps also make it a point to integrate customer service into the sales cycle from consultation to closing. The first meeting is free to all serious inquirers, and voluminous literature on product specifications can be obtained from any sales representative in our manufacturer agent network.

Last but not least, should any technical support issues arise, the Agent is the first point of contact for troubleshooting and solution coordination.

Trust is name of our business, and our business is bringing revolutionary technology into new arenas of lighting from the ice caps of Canada to the pampas of Argentina. Call a sales representative now or contact us at 1-800-863-1184 to see how we can begin to light your world today.

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